Friday, 4 September 2020

Psychiatry - High Yield points

 1. ASPERGER'S syndrome is: Developmental disorder

2. Tourette's disorder is characterised by: Motor tics and vocal tics of abusive language or sexually obscene words

3. Copropraxia refers to: Obscene acts

4. Macdonald triad is associated with: Sociopathic behavior

 5. Stealing and telling lies is due to: Conduct disorder 

6. DOC of night terrors: Diazepam 

7. Eneuresis is diagnosed after the age of: 5 years 

8. Feature of "anankastic personality disorder is: Rigidity and stubbornness 

9 .Personality disorder characterised by disregard for social norms and incapacity to experience guilt is: Schizoid personality disorder 

10. Personality disorders: are usually evident by adolescence 

11. Personality with traits like disciplined, parsimonious, punctuality, liking cleanliness etc. is: Anankastic 

12. Of the various personality disorders paranoid personality comes under: Cluster A 

13. Dramatic emotionality, suggestibility and overconcern with physical attractiveness is a feature of personality traits: Histrionic Personality 

14.. Personality disorders which is more common in females: Histrionic

 15. Psychiatric complications of alcohol dependence are Schizophrenia, Depression 

16. Most common symptom of alcohol withdrawl is Tremor

 17.Wernick’s encephalopathy involves Mammillary body 

18. Wernicke encephalopathy presents with confusion, nystagmus and ataxia. 

19. In alcohol withdrawl drug of choice is Chlordiazepoxide 

20. Widmark Formula is used for Alcohol 

21. Formication and delusion of persecution, both are together seen in Cocaine psychosis 

22 Dependence is best indicated by Withdrawal symptoms 

23. Antidepressant drug that is used for Nicotine addition: Bupropion 

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