Thursday, 3 September 2020

High Yield points : Dermatology

 1. Syndromic management for genital ulcers in India is used for STI like Chancroid, chancre & herpes genitalis

 2. Most specific test for syphilis FTA-Abs

 3. In chancroid, the drug of choice is Ceftriaxone

 4. Donovanosis is caused by Calymmatobacterium granulomatis 

5. For lymphogranuloma venereum the drug of choice is Doxycycline

 6. Polycyclic erosions are seen in Herpes genitalis 

7. The most frequent cause of recurrent non-infectious oro-genital ulceration in a HIV positive male is Aphthous ulcer 

8. Sabre tibia is seen in: Syphilis

 9. Mucus patch is seen in Secondary syphilis 

10. Incubation period of syphilis is 9 to 90 days

 11. Vesicle is not a skin manifestation of secondary syphilis 

12. Primary bullous lesion is seen in Congenital syphilis 

13. In Syphilis a painless indurated ulcer over the penis is seen 

14. Yaws is caused by Treponema pertenue 

15. In primary syphilis the treatment of choice is Benzathine penicillin

 16. Podophyllin is used in Condyloma acuminate

 17. Gonococcus is: Intracellular gram-negative 

18. Main feature of gonorrhea is Purulent discharge per urethra 

19. Leprosy does not affect Ovaries

 20. The most effective drug against M.leprae is Rifampicin 

21. Most sensitive index to assess the drug effectiveness in skin smears of leprosy patient is: Morphological index 

22. Maximum suppression of cell-mediated immunity occurs in Lepromatous leprosy 

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