Monday, 7 September 2020

Community medicine : High Yield points

 1. James Lind is related to the discovery of Prevention of scurvy 

2. Gap in time between entry of the organism and the appearance of signs and symptoms is the incubation period 

3. Time between entry of the organism and to produce maximum infection is known as generation time 

4. Time interval between disease initiation and disease detection in a noninfectious disease is known as latent period 

5. Serial interval is the time between onset of primary case and secondary case 

6. Occurrence of the polio is an example of propagated epidemic 

7. Bhopal gas tragedy is an example of Point source epidemic 

8 Endemic disease means that a disease is constantly present in a given population group 

9. Secular trends are progressive changes occuring over long period of time 

10. Point source epidemic occurs in one incubation period 

11. First case that comes to notice of physician is Index case

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