Monday, 7 September 2020

Community medicine : High Yield points

 1. James Lind is related to the discovery of Prevention of scurvy 

2. Gap in time between entry of the organism and the appearance of signs and symptoms is the incubation period 

3. Time between entry of the organism and to produce maximum infection is known as generation time 

4. Time interval between disease initiation and disease detection in a noninfectious disease is known as latent period 

5. Serial interval is the time between onset of primary case and secondary case 

6. Occurrence of the polio is an example of propagated epidemic 

7. Bhopal gas tragedy is an example of Point source epidemic 

8 Endemic disease means that a disease is constantly present in a given population group 

9. Secular trends are progressive changes occuring over long period of time 

10. Point source epidemic occurs in one incubation period 

11. First case that comes to notice of physician is Index case

Friday, 4 September 2020

Psychiatry - High Yield points

 1. ASPERGER'S syndrome is: Developmental disorder

2. Tourette's disorder is characterised by: Motor tics and vocal tics of abusive language or sexually obscene words

3. Copropraxia refers to: Obscene acts

4. Macdonald triad is associated with: Sociopathic behavior

 5. Stealing and telling lies is due to: Conduct disorder 

6. DOC of night terrors: Diazepam 

7. Eneuresis is diagnosed after the age of: 5 years 

8. Feature of "anankastic personality disorder is: Rigidity and stubbornness 

9 .Personality disorder characterised by disregard for social norms and incapacity to experience guilt is: Schizoid personality disorder 

10. Personality disorders: are usually evident by adolescence 

11. Personality with traits like disciplined, parsimonious, punctuality, liking cleanliness etc. is: Anankastic 

12. Of the various personality disorders paranoid personality comes under: Cluster A 

13. Dramatic emotionality, suggestibility and overconcern with physical attractiveness is a feature of personality traits: Histrionic Personality 

14.. Personality disorders which is more common in females: Histrionic

 15. Psychiatric complications of alcohol dependence are Schizophrenia, Depression 

16. Most common symptom of alcohol withdrawl is Tremor

 17.Wernick’s encephalopathy involves Mammillary body 

18. Wernicke encephalopathy presents with confusion, nystagmus and ataxia. 

19. In alcohol withdrawl drug of choice is Chlordiazepoxide 

20. Widmark Formula is used for Alcohol 

21. Formication and delusion of persecution, both are together seen in Cocaine psychosis 

22 Dependence is best indicated by Withdrawal symptoms 

23. Antidepressant drug that is used for Nicotine addition: Bupropion 

Thursday, 3 September 2020

High Yield points : Dermatology

 1. Syndromic management for genital ulcers in India is used for STI like Chancroid, chancre & herpes genitalis

 2. Most specific test for syphilis FTA-Abs

 3. In chancroid, the drug of choice is Ceftriaxone

 4. Donovanosis is caused by Calymmatobacterium granulomatis 

5. For lymphogranuloma venereum the drug of choice is Doxycycline

 6. Polycyclic erosions are seen in Herpes genitalis 

7. The most frequent cause of recurrent non-infectious oro-genital ulceration in a HIV positive male is Aphthous ulcer 

8. Sabre tibia is seen in: Syphilis

 9. Mucus patch is seen in Secondary syphilis 

10. Incubation period of syphilis is 9 to 90 days

 11. Vesicle is not a skin manifestation of secondary syphilis 

12. Primary bullous lesion is seen in Congenital syphilis 

13. In Syphilis a painless indurated ulcer over the penis is seen 

14. Yaws is caused by Treponema pertenue 

15. In primary syphilis the treatment of choice is Benzathine penicillin

 16. Podophyllin is used in Condyloma acuminate

 17. Gonococcus is: Intracellular gram-negative 

18. Main feature of gonorrhea is Purulent discharge per urethra 

19. Leprosy does not affect Ovaries

 20. The most effective drug against M.leprae is Rifampicin 

21. Most sensitive index to assess the drug effectiveness in skin smears of leprosy patient is: Morphological index 

22. Maximum suppression of cell-mediated immunity occurs in Lepromatous leprosy 

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Pathology : High Yield

 1.  Damage  to  nervous  tissue  is  repaired  by  :  Neuroglia

 2.  Mycosis  fungoides  :  Cutaneous  lymphoma   

3.  Secondary  amyloidosis  complicates:  Chronic  osteomyelitis 

4.  The  earliest  feature  of  TB  is:  Lymphocytosis   

5.  The  low  grade  non-hodgkins  lymphoma  is  :  Follicular  

 6.  Liquefactive  necrosis  is  seen  in  :  Brain  

 7.  The  crescent  forming  glomerulonephritis  is:  RPGN 

8.  Earliest  feature  of  correction  of  IDA  is  :  Reticulocytosis

   9.  Kupffer's  cells  are  found  in  :  Liver   

10.  Heart  failure  cells  are  found  in  :  Lungs 

  11.  Psammoma bodies  show:  Dystrophic  calcification   

12.  Beta-microglobulin:  is  not  a  tumor  marker  

 13.  Commonest  benign  tumor  of  liver  :  Hemangioma  

 14.  Blood  when stored  at  4  degree  celcius  can  be  kept  for:  21  days   

15.  Congo-red  with  amyloid  produces:  Brilliant  pink  ccolour

  16.  Cloudy  swelling  does  not  occurs  in  :  Lungs 

17.  Gamma Gandy bodies contains  hemosiderin  and  :  Ca++   

18.  Hutchinson's  secondaries  in  skull  are  due  to  tumors  in  :  Adrenals   

19.  Albumino  -cytologic  dissociation  occurs  in  cases  of:  Guillain  Barre  syndrome   

20.  Metastatic  calcification  is  most  often  seen  in  :  Lungs   

21.  ASLO  Titres  are  used  in  the  diagnosis  of:  Acute  rheumatic  fever  

 22.  Apoptosis  is  inhibited  by  :  bcl-2  

 23.  CEA:  is  not  used  as  a  tumor  marker  in  testicular  tumours

 24.  Onion  peel  appearance  of  splenic  capsule  is  seen  in  :  SLE

ENT important points


1. Hyperacusis – Bell’s palsy

2. Paracusis willisi – Otosclerosis

3. Diplacusis – Meniere’s disease

4. Presbyacusis – Age related SNHL


1. Gradinego syndrome :

Ear discharge

Retroorbital pain


2. Trotter’s triad (NPC):

U/L CHL (glue ear)

Temporoparietal pain

Palatal palsy

3. Sampter’s triad

Allergy to Aspirin


Nasal polyps


1. Heinnebert sign : Congenital Syphillus

2. Hitzelberger sign : Acoustic Neuroma

3. Rising sun/ brown sign/ Phelp sign : Glomus Juglare

4. Target/Halo sign : Traumatic CSF leak

5. Cart wheel sign : ASOM

6. Schwartz sign : Otosclerosis

7. Griessenger sign / Delta sign : Sigmoid Sinus Thrombosis

8. Reservoir Sign : Mastoiditis

9. Light House : ASOM

10. Tripod sign/ Thumb sign : Epiglotittis 

11. Steeple sign : ALTB / CROUP

12. Antral sign / Hollman miller sign : Angiofibroma CT

13. Omega shaped epiglottis : Laryngomalacia 

14. Turban/ Mouse nibbled vocal cord : TB larynx

15. Potato nose : Rhinophyma

16. Woody nose : Rhinoscleroma

17. Mulberry like nasal mass : Rhinosporidiosis

18. Mulberry like nasal mucus : Inferior turbinate hypertrophy

19. Frog face deformity : Angiofibroma


1. Type 1 : Medialization – Adductor palsy

2. Type 2 : lateralization – Abductor palsy

3. Type 3 : Shortning- Loosening – Puberphonia 

4. Type 4 : Lengthing- tightening – Androphonia


DRAINAGE points:

1. Nasolacrimal duct : Inferior meatus

2. Maxillary / frontal / anterior / ethmoidal : Middle meatus

3. Posterior ethmoid : Superior meatus

4. Sphenoid : Sphenoethmoidal recess

5. DCR : Middle meatus