Monday, 18 November 2019

Pregnancy Hormones

LH surge tends to occur at around 3 AM.

2. Ovulation occurs in morning between (midnight and 11 AM) in Spring

3. Ovulation occurs in evening between (4 PM and 7 PM ) in Autumn and winter .

4. Ovulation occurs more frequently from Right Ovary

5. Ovulation occurs alternatively between the two ovaries in younger women

6. In women more than 30 yrs age .. ovulation occurs frequently from the same ovary.

Remember :

1. The primitive germ cells takes origin from Yolk sac at 3rd week of gestation and migrate to the Genital ridge by 4th week of gestation .

2. 1st meiotic division – arrested in Prophase – completed just prior to Ovulation releasing the 1st polar body.

3. 2nd meiotic division – arrested in Metaphase – completed at the time of fertilization releasing the 2nd Polar body.

4. Also, Primary Oocyte – 44XX; Secondary Oocyte – 22X;

5. Primary Oocyte(44X) – undergoes 1st meotic division – Arrested in prophase –completed just prior to ovulation – releases First polar body (22X) + Secondary Oocyte (22X)

6. Secondary Oocyte (22X) – 2nd meiotic division – Arrested in Metaphase – At the time of fertilization – releases Second Polar Body (22X) + Ovum (22X)

7. In Males : Primary spermatocyte (44XX) – undergoes 1st meiotic division – forms secondary spermatocytes (2 in number)

8. Secondary spermatocytes (22X) (2 in number) – undergoes 2nd meiotic division –forms Spematids (22X)(4 in number)

9. Spermatids undergoes transformation as spermeiogenesis – forms Sperma (4 in number)

10. Developmental process from Spermatogoonia to Sperma takes 74 days (Some books 61days)and entire process till the transit to the ductal system takes 90 days (3 months)

11. So, in case of infertility of males the repeat sperm analysis is done after 3 months.

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