Sunday, 19 February 2017


Credits: Dr. Rebecca James, Biochemistry
####Facts RNA Editing####
● It is an exception to Central Dogma of Molecular Biology.
i.e., DNA ---- RNA ------ Protein.
● Apo B gene codes for Apo B Protein.
● In Intestine the gene codes apo B48, whereas the same gene to apo B 100 in liver.
● In liver ..... apoB gene .. apo B 100 Protein.
● In Intestine
Apo B gene to Apo B RNA.
● In 48th codon of apo B mRNA there is CAA.
● This C in CAA undergo editing, i.e., mRNA editing
i.e., Deamination of C to U.
● Now at 48th position CAA is changed to UAA.
● UAA is a stop codon.
● So instead of apo B100, here the same gene produces apo B48.
● This is an example of RNA editing.

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