Thursday, 20 October 2016

Drugs of choice

For ADHD-Methylphenidate
For Postpartum Psychosis-Haloperidol
For Narcolepsy-Methylphenidate
For Lithium Induced Tremer- Propranolol
For Akathesia- Propranolol
For Resistant Schizophrenia-Clozapine
For Huntington's chorea -Haloperidol
For Anorexia Nervosa-Cyproheptadine
For Bulimia Nervosa-Fluoxetine
For Nocternal Enuresis-Imipramine
For Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome-Dantrolene Na
For Heat Stroke-Chlorpromazine
For Paracetamol toxicity- N-acetyl cystine
For Intrectable Hiccough-Chlorpromazine
For Gilli de la tourette Syndrome-Haloperidol
For OCD- Clomipramine or Fluoxetine
For Monosymptomatic Hypochondrial Psychosis-Pimozide
For Trichotillomoma- Fluoxetine
For Acute Mania & For Prophylaxis Of Mania-Lithium carbonate
For Panic disorder-Imipramine
FOR NSAID Induced Ulcer-Misoprostol
For MRSA Infection-Vancomycin
For Malaria in Pregnancy-Chloroquine
For Whooping Cough or Perteusis- Erythromycin
For Kawasaki disease-IV Ig
For Warferin Overdose-Vit-K
For Heparin Overdose-Protamine
For hairy Cell Leukemia-Cladirabine
For Multiple Myeloma- Melphalan
For CML-Imatinib
For Wegner's granulomatosis-Cyclophosphamide
For HOCM- Propranolol
For Delirium Tremens-Diazepam
For Drug Induced Parkinsonism-Benzhexol
For Diacumarol Poisoning-Vit-K
For Type-1 Lepra Reaction-Steroids
For Type- 2 Lepra Reaction-Thalidomide
For Allergic Contect Dermatitis-Steroids
For PSVT- 1st-Adenosine, 2nd-Verapamil, 3rd-Digoxin
For Z-E Syndrome- Proton Pump Inhibitor
For Chancroid-Cotrimoxazole
For Dermatitis Herpetiformis-Dapsone
For Spastic Type of Cerebral Palsy-Diazepam
For Herpis Simplex Keratitis-Trifluridine
For Herpes Simplex Orolabialis-Pancyclovir
For Neonatal Herpes Simplex-Acyclovir
For Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia- Cotrimoxazole
For Nodulo Cystic Acne-Retinoic acid
For Trigeminal Neuralgia-Carbamezapine
For Actinomycosis-Penicillin
For Plague- Streptomycin
For Opioid Withdrawal- Methadone 2nd-Clonidine
For Alcohol Withdrawal- Chlordiazepoxide 2nd-Diazepam
For Post Herpetic Neuralgia- Fluphenazine
For WEST Syndrome-ACTH
For Diabetic Diarrhoea- Clonidine
For Lithium Induced Neuropathy-Amiloride
Acute Glomerulo Nephritis - Penicillin( max 10 days)
Acute Gout - Colchicine
Acute Pancreatitis Pain - Demerol ,any anticholinergic
Acute Pulmonary edema - Ritalin ( Methylphenidate)
Addison's disease - Hydrocortisone + NaCl IV fluids
Amoebiasis - Metronidazole , emetin HCl
Anaphylactic Shock - Adrenaline
Angina - Nitroglycerine
Antidote for Ingested acid - Milk
Antidote for Ingested alkali - Orange Juice
Antiestrogen - tamoxifen or nolvadex
Anxiety disorders - BZD , Valium , Librium
Atrophic Vaginitis - DES, TACE , estrogen preparation
Attention deficit disorder - Ritalin , Benxedrin ,Dexedrine
Autism - Thorazine ( Chlorpromazine )
Bell's Palsy - Prednisolone
Burns Pain - Morphine
Chancroid - Cotrimoxazole (2 weeks)
Childhood schizophrenia - Thorazine ( Chlorpromazine)
Chlamydia - Tetracycline
Cholera - Tetracycline + rehydration + K supplement
Choriocarcinoma - Methotrexate,Cytosar , Parithenol
Chronic Gout - allopurinol ,Antazone , Benemid
Colostomy bag - Aspirin or Chlorophyll (improve smell)
DOC for Ulcerative colitis-5 aminosalicylic acid

DOC for Crohn’s -

Magnesium Oxide is the antidote for mineral acid poisoning

TOC for acute coalescent mastoiditis-Simple mastiodectomy

TOC of SCC of maxillary antrum-Surgery+Radiotherapy

DOC for Cholera Chemoprophylaxis-Tetracycline

DOC for Cholera in adults- Doxycycline

DOC for Cholera in children-Cotrimoxazole

DOC for cholera in Pregnant women-Furazolidone.

DOC of neurosyphilis- crystalline penicillin G

DOC for CML- imatinib mesylate

DOC for supraventricular tachycardia- adenosine

DOC for foetal adrenal suppression-dexamethasone (started as soon as preg is recognised and not later than 9wks gestation)

DOC for central DI -Desmopressin
Drug of choice for Bier’s block (IVRA) — Lidocaine, 40–50 mL (0.5 mL/kg in children) of a 0.5% solution without epinephrine

DOC for nocardiosis - sulfamethoxazole

Doc for ascariasis in pregnant woman-pyrantel pamoate

Gold std t/t for brucella -strepto +doxo

drug of choice for visceral larva migrans-Albendazole


DOC for akathesia- Beta blockers

most sensitive inv for Extradrenal phaeochromocytoma?
DOPAPET :most sensitive inv

MIBG : most SPECIFIC inv

Cardiotoxicity caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy -endomyocardial biopsy

TOC of anal canal tumours- Chemoradiation

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