Monday, 31 October 2016

Branchial Arches derivatives

*Branchial Arches*

*1st Arch*:
(a Massive list of M’s)
Nerve: Maxillary and Mandibular nerves
Artery: Maxillary artery
Cartilage: Meckel’s Cartilage
                   Mandible + sphenoMandibular ligament
                   Malleus + Incus
Muscles: MAT x 2
- Muscles of Mastication
- Mylohyoid
- Anterior belly of digastric
- Anterior 2/3 of tongue
- Tensor veli palatini
- Tensor tympani

              *2nd arch*: *S*econd
Nerve: *S*eventh nerve (facial nerve)
Artery: Stapedial artery and hyoid artery
Cartilage:  - Stapes
                    - Styloid
                    - Stylohyoid ligament
                    - leSSer horn of hyoid
- Muscles of facial expression (Smiling)
- Stapedius
- Stylohyoid
- poSSSterior belly of digastric

*3rd arch*: think Glossopharyngeal nerve
Nerve: - Glossopharyngeal nerve
Cartilage: - Greater horn of hyoid
- Stylopharyngeus

*4th Arch*: Swallowing + The exceptions to the 6th arch below
Nerve: Superior Laryngeal (branch of vagus)
Cartilage: - Thyroid cartilage
- Pharyngeal constrictors
- Levator veli palatini
- Cricothyroid

*6th Arch*: Speaking (Laryngeal)
Nerve: Recurrent laryngeal (branch of vagus)
Cartilage: All laryngeal cartilages except thyroid cartilage
Muscles:  All instrinsic laryngeal muscles except cricothyroid

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