Thursday, 23 June 2016

Paediatrics seizures

-- Drug of choice for absence seizures is Ethosuximide. No relation with age. And it is NOW AVAILABLE in India and has been marketed for clinical use.
-- Drug of choice for Infantile spasm/West syndrome is ACTH. And it is also easily available in India since past many years.
Vigabatrin is used as DOC only in Tuberous sclerosis associated infantile spasm.
-- Drug of choice for ADHD is Methylphenidate. Atomoxetine is used only in refractory cases or some assc disorders like CVS problems in ADHD. Methylphenidate is also available in India.
-- All natural Surfactant prep are available in India. Synthetic surfactant are not available in India. Natural are superior to synthetic preparations.
-- Pyridoxine is drug of choice for empirical therapy in refractory neonatal seizures. Its not biotin, as mentioned in some of the guides in the market.
-- TOF does not cause cyanosis at birth. Only TOF with pulm atresia does ( which is different from TOF).
-- I.V. Ceftriaxone is Drug of choice in meningitis caused by H.influenzae, even if the bacteria is beta lactamase producing.
-- Carbamazepine & Oxcarbazepine are first line drugs for partial epilepsy in children. Lamotrigine is not first line drug, as in adults.

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