Thursday, 11 February 2016

Alcoholism Classificarion

Alpha alcoholism: the earliest stage of the disease, manifesting the purely psychological continual dependence on the effects of alcohol to relieve bodily or emotional pain. This is the "problem drinker", whose drinking creates social and personal problems. Whilst there are significant social and personal problems, these people can stop if they really want to; thus, argued Jellinek, they have not lost control, and as a consequence, do not have a "disease".

Beta alcoholism: polyneuropathy, orcirrhosis of the liver from alcohol without physical or psychological dependence. These are the heavy drinkers that drink a lot, almost every day. They do not have physicaladdiction and do not suffer withdrawalsymptoms. This group do not have a "disease".

Gamma alcoholism: involving acquired tissue tolerance, physical dependence, and loss of control. This is the AA alcoholic, who is very much out of control, and does, by Jellinek's classification, have a "disease".

Delta alcoholism: as in Gamma alcoholism, but with inability to abstain, instead of loss of control.

Epsilon alcoholism: the most advanced stage of the disease, manifesting asdipsomania, or periodic alcoholism.

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