Saturday, 26 December 2015


🔹 Peri conceptional folic acid
🔹Administer corticosteroids in preterm labour and Antibiotics for PROM
🔹Delayed cord clamping and vit K at birth
🔹 care of healthy newborn by ASHA for 6 wks (42 days)
🔹 care of small/sick Newborn (like inj. Gentamicin to prevent sepsis to be given by ANM)
🔹 care beyond Newborn survival

- Screen for 4 Ds  i.e. Defects or birth defects, development delays, deficiency, diseases
- Follow up of SNCU babies by ASHA for 1 year and LBW babies for 2 year

Kindly correct previous one - LBW for 2 years

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