Monday, 21 September 2015


Stable and light sensitive Vitamin K and !
Vitamin required for electron Transport
(Coenz. Q) K1, B2
Dopa and Gaba : Metabolism depend on Pyridoxine
For the Function of Co.A Pantothenate
Folic acid is Pteroyl Glutamic acid
Folinic Acid is Citrovorum factor
Erythrocyte Maturation Factor B 12
Vitamins Stored in Liver A, D, K, B 12, Folate
Vitamin Stored in fat D
Richest Source of 
Vitamin A Codliver Oil
Vitamin E Halibut Liver oil
Prophylactic Dose of Vitamin A 66,000 Micrograms
Main Source of Thiamine in Indian Diet Cereals
P.E. T and Achalasia are expected to be due to deficiency of Thiamine
Yellow Crystalline Substance Riboflavine
Red Crystalline Substance B 12
White Crystalline Substance Ascorbic Acid
Vitamins Which are present in animal Foods only B12, D

Heat Labile Vitamins Vitamin C and Folic acid
Vitamins That are synthesised in Gut
(Flora) B2, B12 ( Not useful) and Vitamin K
In body (Skin) Vitamin D
F.I.G.L.U excretion is secreted in deficiency of B 12
Methylmalonic acid Excretion is increased in deficiency of B 12
Worm infestation causing B 12 deficiency Diphyllobothrium Latum
Vitamin which is an antoxidant Vitamin E
Vitamin useful in the treatment of methemoglobinemia Vitamin C ( Methylene Blue also useful)
Vitamins with which Hypervitaminosis occurs A and D
Vitamin deficiency which leads to convulsions Pyridoxine
Vitamin useful in treatment of Homocystinuria Pyridoxine
Vitamin useful in treatment of Alcaptonuria Vitamin C
Vitamin that is used peripheral vascular disease Vitamin E. ( For intermittent Claudication)
Vitamins that causes Hemolysis Vitamin K
Vitamin that causes Neonatal Jaundice Vitamin K
Vitamin that causes sensory polyneuropathy in megavitamin doses Pyridoxine
Vitamin deficiency that causes pseudo paralysis Vitamin C, Vitamin D
Vitamin for wound healing Vitamin C
Magenta red tongue is due to deficiency of Riboflavine
Raw beef tongue is due to deficiency of Niacin
Cataract formation and Corneal
vascularisation are due to deficiency of Riboflavine
Vitamin that does not cross placenta Vitamin D
Vitamin Destroyed by Ultra – Violet Light

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