Monday, 21 September 2015

Newborn Electrolytes

Hypoglycemia in new born:-
Operational threshold fr hypoglycemia-<40mg/dl

WHO definatn of hypoglycemia-<45mg/dl

Hyperglycemia in newborn->125mg/dl

Mx of asymptomatic hypoglycemia-Trial of oral feed-5g glucose/100ml

Symptomatic hypoglycemia(<20mg/dl)
IV 10% dextrose
2ml/kg bolus then 6mg/kg/min infusion
Never use glucose>12.5% to peripheral veins

Total sr ca <7mg/dl
Ionised ca <4mg/dl
Rx-IV calcium glucobate 10%
Precaution-causes bradycardia n arrythmias
Therefore slowly given
Diluted with 5%dextrose 1:1

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