Tuesday, 15 September 2015



1⃣Jones Criteria▶Diagnosis of Rheumatic Fever

2⃣Bence Jones Proteinuria▶Occurs in myeloma, leukemia, and Hodgkin’s disease. They can be detected by positive Bradshaw’s test, heat test and electrophoresis

3⃣Jones Mote Reaction▶Cutaneous Basophilic Hypersensitivity-Type IV HSR

4⃣Jones Surgery in OBG▶Unification of Septate Uterus

5⃣Jones Surgery in Opht▶Bloodless repair of Senile Entropion by plication of inferior retractors

6⃣Jones Surgery in Ortho▶Claw hallux deformity

7⃣Watson Jones Approach▶Hip replacement

8⃣Watson Jones Procedure▶Chronic lateral ankle instability

9⃣Jones Compression▶Posterior Lower leg Splint for Knee and Calf injuries

1⃣0⃣Jones Tendon Transfer▶Radial nerve palsy

1⃣1⃣Jones #▶Base of 5th Metatarsal # due to pull of Peroneus brevis during inversion

1⃣2⃣Maxwell Jones▶Concept of Therapeutic Community

1⃣3⃣Jones Dye Test▶Lacrimal pump failure

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