Friday, 4 September 2015

Isolation period

Isolation period of some infectious diseases-

👌🏾Chicken pox Until all lesions crusted,
usually 6 days after onset of rash

👌🏾Measles-From onset of catarrhal stage to the
3rd day of rash

👌🏾German measles/rubella None

👌🏾Hepatitis A 3 wks

👌🏾Influenza 3 days onset

👌🏾Polio 2 weeks adult, 6 wks pediatric

👌🏾Tuberculosis Until 3 wks of effective

👌🏾Herpes zoster 6 days after onset of rash

👌🏾Mumps Until swelling subsides

👌🏾Meningococcal meningitis Until 1st 6 hrs of
effective antibiotic therapy

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