Thursday, 24 September 2015


Gibbon's hernia- hernia with hydrocoele
Bergerg's hernia - hernia in Pouch of Douglas
Grynfelt/s hernia- Upper lumbar triangle hernia
Petit's hernia - Lower lumbar triangle hernia
Cloquet's hernia- hernia through pecteineal fascia
Narath's hernia - behind femoral artery
Hesselbach's hernia - lateral to femoral artery
Serofini's hernia - behind femoral vessels
Laugier's hernia - through lacunar ligament
Tealse's hernia - in front of femoral vessels
Richter's hernia - part of circumference of bowel wall is gangrenous
Littre's hernia - hernia with Meckels's Diverticulum
Sliding hernia - Posterior wall of sac is formed by colon or bladder
Maydl's hernia - 'w' hernia
Phantom hernia - Localised muscle buldge following muscular paralysis
Spigelian hernia - through spegelian fascia
Obturator hernia - through obturator foramen
Femoral hernia - hernia medial to femoral vein
Beclard's hernia - femoral hernia through saphenour opening

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