Friday, 2 October 2015


MEDICINAL FISHES: mouth vertebra-sickle cell anemia, homocystinuria eye disease-LCAT deficiency tank granuloma- mycobacteria marinum of fish appearance- h.ducreyi in stream appearance- v.cholera
6.fishy smell in culture-proteus hook bladder- BPH
8.rotten fish urine odour- trimethylaminuria net pattern of corneal subepithelial deposit in- Reis bucker corneal dystrophy
10. Immunoflorescence fish net pattern- pemphigus vulgaris looking like fishy scales- icthyosis poor source of-carbohydrates
13 world most venomous animal-box jelly fish
14. mc fish poisoning- ciguatera
15. type of anemia caused by fish tapeworm- megaloblastic anemia
16 FISHer grading- SAH 
17. richest source of-vit A,D,proteins,ca,P,fluorides
18.good source of-Iron fisheries day-nov 21
20.valve with shark mouth appearance-ileocecal valve

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