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Pharma questions in AIIMS

Recent AIIMS Pharma Questions:

1. ATT drug which causes hypothyroidism (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Pyrazinamide
B. Streptomycin
C. Rifampicin
D. Ethionamide

Ans is 'd' i.Ethionamide

2. Peripheral vasospasm caused by which antiparkinsonian drug? (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Bromocriptine
B. Ropinirole
C. Levodopa
D. Entecapone

Ans is 'a' i.e. Bromocriptine

3. Lithium should be stopped before how many days before surgery? (AIIMS May 2014)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Ans is 'a' i.e. 1

Lithium should be stopped 24-48 hours before surgery and delivery as it can cause polyuria.

4. Time dependent killing and postantibiotic effect seen with (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Beta lactam
B. Fluoroqinolones
C. Tetracyclines
D. Clindamycin

Ans is 'b' Fluoroqinolones

5. Mixed alpha n beta agonist? (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Epinephrine
B. Dobutamine
C. Phenylephrine
D. Dopamine

Ans is 'a' i.e. Epinephrine

6. which of the following is not used in hypertensive emergency in pregnancy (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Diazoxide 
B. Sodium nitroprusside 
C. Labetalol 
D. Hydralazine

Ans is 'a' Diazoxide

7. Methacholine act on (AIIMS May 2014)
A. m2 
B. m1 
C. m3 
D. M4

Ans is 'a' ui.e. M2

8. Drug for advanced prostate cancer (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Goserelin 
B. Letrozole
C. Finasteride
D. Flutamide

Ans is 'a' i.e. Goserelin

9. Furosemide acts on? (AIIMS May 2014)

Ans is 'b' i.e. TAL

10. All are prodrugs except- (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Lisinopril
B. Enalapril
C. Fosinopril
D. Losartan

Ans is 'a' i.e. Lisinopril

11. Which one least emetic (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Cisplatin
B. Chlorambucil
C. Daunorubicin
D. Doxorubicin

Ans is 'b' i.e. Chlorambucil

12. Methadone all except are true (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Mu receptor agonist 
B. Oral absorption is rapid and detected in blood in 1-2 hours
C. Parenteral and oral route of administration
D. Its main use is in pain

Ans is 'b' i.e. Oral absorption is rapid and detected in blood in 1-2 hours

13. Midazolam doesnt cause (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Retrograde amnesia
B. Anterograde amnesia

Ans is 'a' i.e. Retrograde amnesia

15. Not a NNRTI (AIIMS May 2014)
A. Lamivudine
B. Efavirenz
C. Etravirine
D. Delavirdine

Ans is 'a' i.e. Lamivudine

16. Father of evidence based medicine (AIIMS May 2014)

A. David Sackett
B. Ramnath Chopra
C. Gnanath Sen
D. Oswald Schmeideberg

Ans is 'a' i.e. David Sackett

17. In comparison of famotidine to cimetidine. They differ in all of the following except ? AIIMS May 2014
a. Antiandrogenic effect
b. Oral bioavailability when given along with food
c. Duration of action
d. Side effects

Ans is 'b' i.e. Oral bioavailability when given along with food

18. Alpha 2 agonist causes a/e AIIMS May 2014

A. Anxiolysis 
B. Sedation 
C. Analgesia 
D. Hyperalgesia

Ans is 'd' i.e. Hyperalgesia

19. Prophylaxis in premetrexed AIIMS May 2014
A. folic acid and b12 
B. folinic acid and b6
C. biotin and folate

Ans is 'a' i.e. Folic acid and vitamin B12

AIIMS Nov 2013

73. Severe alcoholic for 15 yrs, not taking for 2 days developed tremors,
on 1st day and tonic clonic seizures on 2nd day. Which drug should be given
to treat seizures?

A. Valproate

B. Phenytoin

*C. Diazepam*

D. Carbamazepine

74. Replacement drug for valproate in pregnancy for juvenile myoclonic
epilepsy to be given as monotherapy

A. Carbamazepine

B. Phenytoin

C. Lacosamide

*D. Levetiracetam*

75. Rho kinase inhibitor

*A. Fasudil*

B. Nicorandil

C. Ranolazine

D. Imatinib

76. Duration of action of flumazenil

*A. 40 mts*

B. 30 mts

C. 10 mts

D. 20 mts

77. SSRI which doesn’t causes discontinuation symptoms when stopped

A. Sertraline

B. Fluoxetine*

C. Escitalopram

D. Fluvoxamine

78. Drug which doesn’t cause cross BBB?

A. Hyosinebutylbromide
B. Atropine
*C. Glycopyrrolate*
D. Hyosine hydrobromide

79. Which drug acts on both α & β receptor?

A. Fenoldopam
B. Dobutamine
*C. Epinephrine*
D. Isoprenaline

80. Cholinomimetics are used in all except?

A. Glaucoma
B. Post op atony
C. Myasthenia gravies
*D. Heart block*

81. Newly FDA approved drug for lennox gestaut syndrome

A. Locasemide
*B. Rufinamide*
C. Levatiracetam
D. Vigabatrin

82. True about carbamazepine?

A. Does not aglanulocytoses
B. Serious nephrotoxicity
C. Dose monitoring not needed
*D. Stevens Johnson syndrome*

83. Drug useful in pulmonary hypertension is?

A. Methyldopa
B. Nitroprusside
*C. Bosentan*
D. Labetolol

84. Regarding unfractioned heparin & LMW heparin true is?

A. LMWH inhibits factor X a & IIa
B. Infested by macrophages
*C. Given subcutaneously*
D. LMWH inhibit only factor IIa

Compiled by Dr Ranjan Patel

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