Friday, 24 July 2015


 Gustafson s method
:: (25-60years),APSRTC
Secondary dentine
Root resorption
Transparency of root
Cementum apposition

 The study of incremental lines in the enamel of tooth to assess the age of a person is known as Boyde’s Method

 Stakes method:: Upto age of 12years, by measuring dimension of teeth and weight of teeth one can make out the age
Taurodontism is a peculiar tooth form in which the body of the tooth and the pulp chamber are enlarged at the expense of the root. Seen in Mongols

Declaration of geneva--> Declaration of a physician's dedication to the humanitarian goals of medicine
Declaration of Oslo--> Therapeutic abortion.
Declaration of Helsinki-->Human experimentation and clinical trials
 Declaration of Tokyo--> Torture in medicine*

 Kennedy phenomenon deals with Evaluation of exit and entry wound

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