Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Numbers in OBG

AbdominalTB- present in genital tb patients-45%
Patients of genital TB infertile: 40-80%(mc presenting complaint of genital tb -INFERTILITY >pain)
Incidence of genital tb in patients with infertility-17%
Mullerian anomaly assosiation with urinary tract abnormality-30%
Risk of endometriosis is 7 times more if 1st degree relative is affeced with endometriosis
Patient with history of ovarian ca in 1st degree relatives,so risk of ovarian cancer-7%(dnb 2014)
Recurrence rate ater incision and drainage of endometrial cyst-50%(€€therefore best t/t - cystectomy)
Rate for conversion to frank camcer
cin-1 : 1%
Cin-2 :5%
Cin-3 : >12%(22)
Cin 1 conver to CIS -11%
Cin 1 time to regress to normal-2yrs
Protection rate of hpv vaccine-70%
Risk of involvement of ovaries in ca cx-11%
BSO can reduce the risk of breast ca by 50%
Dermoid always benign but risk of cancer -less than 2%
Risk for lifetime
brca 1-ovarian ca-35-45%
Hnpcc-endometrial ca-75%
Post mentrual bleeding patients developing endometrial ca-10%
any abnormal uterine bleeding above 40yrs endometrial ca should be ruled out therefore endometrial biopsy to be done rather than PAP
Endometrial hyperplasia(pre invasive)
simple withOUT atypia-1% risk for endometrial ca
Complex WITHOUT atypia-3%
Simple with atypia-8%
Complex with atypia-20%
(Without atypia progestrogens to be given for MINIMUM 14 days)
Use of OCP for 5yrs decrease the risk ovavarian ca by 50%
Molar preg
partial-90% triploidy 10% tetra
Complete 80-90% monospermic 46xx,10% 46xy
Complete mole associated with-
pre eclamsia-27%
Trophoblastic embolization-2%
Theca letin cysts -50%
Partial mole to 
Complete mole to
Hcg levels becum normal in 
40%ovulate after taking POP
Blood loss after cuT-80ml
Post placental IUD insertion within 10mins
Post placental sterlization within 48hrs(ideal),can be done upto 7 days.if not done in first 7 days do after 6 weeks.
Expulsion rate
cuT 5%
Memory time-5min
Mini lap-3-4cm incision
FT damaged in mod. Pomeroy-3cm
Gas for pnemoperitoneum-2L,pressure-15mmhg(co2)
Rate of ectopic post sterlization-10%
Risk of ectopic
highest-bipolar cautery
Lowest-mod. Pomeroy

Average liquefaction time for semen-20min
Maximum time for liquefaction-60min
Speed of sperm in female tract-3mm/sec
Who parameters
Vol->1.5 ml ,ph >7.2
Sperm concentntration 15 million
Sperm count 39 million
Total motility 40%
Forward motility 32%
Wbc -lessthan 1 million 
Normal morphology 4%
40% ppl taking POP ovulate normally
Safe period of POP-3hrs
Safe period of cerazette is 12hrs

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