Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Most commons from OBG

Most common site for genital tb-BILATERAL ALWAYS FT-ampulla(2md mc-endometrium-direct spread(mcq)
Mc route for spread of genital tb-haematogenous>direct (least-ascending)
Lest common for genital tb-vulva vagina
Mc mentsrual irregularity in genital tb-oligo/amenn. (1st irregularity-MENORHAGIA)
Finding in patient of genital tb----
2)least common-presence of adnexal mass
Mc finding of gen tb in ADOLSCENT GIRL-bilateral adnexal mass
Mc reason for abnormal post-coital test-improper timing(DNB)
Mc method for increasing sperm conc in IUI(t/t of immunological infertility) - sperm swim up technique
Mc site of endometriosis-ovary
Mc theory explaining endometriosis-retrograde mc(sampsons theory)
2nd most accepted-coelomic theory
Endometrios mc gene assosiated(genetic theory) - K-ras
Mc symptom of endometriosis-pain>infertility
Mc mullerian anomaly -bicornuate uterus
Mc mullerian anomaly assosiated with 1)abortion-septate.  
3)highest obs complication-unicornuate
4)ectopic ovary-unicornuate
5)urinary tract anomalies-unicornuate

 Mc cancer women in india-cervical
Mc histology cx carcinoma 
sqammous cell ca 70%(specific risk factor-smoking)
Adeno ca 30%(ocp use of 5yrs)
Mc hpv ca cervix 16,18
16- more sensitive (squammous cell ca)
18-more specific (adeno)
Ca cervix mc
presenting complaint-irregular bleeding
Specific comp-post coital bleeding
Route of spread-lymphatics
LN mc-obturator (point A brachy)
Sentinel LN -paracervical (point B)
 Mc ovarian cancer-epithelial ovarian ca(serous cystadeno ca -70%)
Risk of ovarian cancer increases every year after 35yrs
epithelial-bilateral,6-7th decade,post menopausal,highest mortality rate among all gynaec ca
Mucinous-4-5 decade
Germ cell-10-20yrs of age,UNILATERAL,
Sex cord-unilateral,any age (mc-perimenopausal),risk assosiated-endomet ca
Mc ovarian tumour-serous cystadenoma
Mc ovarIan In pregnancy
Germ cell tumour which can be bilateral 20%
Frequently occurs with gonadoblastoma
Equals to seminoma in males
Best prognosis
Most rapidly growing tumour-endodermal sinus tumour(worst prog)
Highest risk of torsion-dermoid
Mc cause of post mentrual bleeding
WORLDWIDE-senile endometritis
INDIA-cervix ca
Mc cause of pyometra
WORLDWIDE-endometrial ca
INDIA- cervix ca(as its treatment may also cause pyometra)
Mc type of DUB-anovulatory
Mc GTN after molar preg-invasive
Mc surgery done for prolapse-posterior colpoperineoraphy
Mc pelvic tumour-fibroid
Mc fibroid-intramural
Mc symptom of fibroid-mennorhagia
Mc fibroid to cause uterine inversion-fundal fibroid
Mc symptom of fundal fibroid-mennorhagia
mc degeneration-hyaline
Least common-sarcomatous
Mc indiation for transabdominal hystrectomy(TAH)-fibroid uterus
Highest risk of ectopic in all IUD-progetacert
Emergency contraceptive MOST effective-IUCD
MC EC used-Lng tablet
Least failure-unilateral cautery
Highest failure-bilateral cautery
Least failure among surgical-uchida>erwing>pomeroy

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