Friday, 26 June 2015

High yield points

1. Dot and fleck retinopathy seen in Alport's syndrome

2. Aphasia affecting arcuate fibers- conduction aphasia.

3. Varenicline- drug to aid smoking cessation.

4. Face to pubis delivery seen in Anthropoid pelvis

5. Irinotecan, methotrexate- S phase specific.
    Etoposide- arrests cell at   G2 phase
    Vincristine- M phase specific

6. Strong association of Bechet disease with HLAB51 allele.

7. Scrub typhus- caused by chiggers (larval stage) of O. Tsutsugamusi

8. Oral hairy leukoplakia- benign infection of oak mucosa by EBV

9. MCC of UTI in young female- E. Coli.

10. To eradicate measles
a. 96% vaccination of less than 1 year age
b. Prevent cumulation in the immunity gap.

11. Arachnoid villi responsible for CSF absorption protrude mainly into superior sagittal sinus.

12. Widal test is a classic example of Agglutination.

13. While inulin  is used to measure GFR, PAH is used to measure renal blood flow.

14. Drugs causing disulphiram like reaction in a chronic alcoholic- sulphonylurea, trimethoprim, metronidazole, some cephalosporins( cefoperazone, moxalactam, cefamandole, cefotetan).

15. BSK II medium is used to cultivate B. burgdorferi.

16. Location of chemoreceptor trigger zone in brain in brain- Area postrema.

17. Vitamin preventing autoxidation- tocopherols

18. Tetany(tetanus) is not a feature of cardiac muscles.

19. DOC for acute t/t of Addisonian crisis- hydrocortisone.

20. Commonest parasitic cause of uveitis- toxocara.

21. Health survey and development committee- Mudaliar committee.

22. Hospital beds vacant for emergency , isolation, etc are known as dead bed space.

23. Confirmed case of flourosis- floride in Udine more than 1 mg/dl.

24. Nerve compressed by posterior communicating artery- oculomotor.

25. Primary protein responsible for iron metabolism is transferrin.

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