Thursday, 25 June 2015

Finger prints

Fingerprint system ( Galton system, Dermatoglyphycs)


• Most reliable* method of identification of a person.


· First Finger Print Bureau* was established at Writer’s Building, Calcutta* ,India


• Fingerprints are impressions of pattern formed by the papillary ridges of the fingertips.


• Fingerprints are classified primarily as

1. Loops 67%(most common*)

2. Arches

3. Whorls

4. Composite forms–1-2% (least common*)


• Minimum no. of points to estd proof of identity is 8* (Supreme Court ruling*)

• The patterns are not inherited.

• The pattern is different even in identical twins. (Adolphe Quetelet’s Rule* of biological variation*)




Categories of Finger Prints

§ Latent Finger PrintsàBarely visible

§ Plastic Finger PrintsàPrints made on soft surface(Soap, cheese etc)

§ Visible Finger Printsà Stained with blood, greese etc


• In leprosy and Charring fingerprints may be lost*


[ Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet aimed to do to Human Sciences what Newton did to Physics..His innovation is extensive use of probability to Human science.

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