Thursday, 25 June 2015

Electrical injury

Electrical Injuries

 Joule Burn is specific and diagnostic of contact electrical burn.  Joule burn is endogenous burn.  Crocodile flash burns are due to high voltage burns. These are multiple disc rate lesions due to ‘Arc Effect’.

  Acro-Reaction Test: A micro chemical test for metals at the site of entry of electric current leading to deposition of metal particles in the skin.  Death occurs from ventricular fibrillation.Current Pearls and wax drippings are important autopsy finding.


Lightning Stroke


• A flash of lightning is due to an electrical discharge from a cloud to the earth.

• Arborescent burns are superficial, irregular, thin, resembling the branches of a tree*, also called Litchenberg’s flowers, Keraunographic Markings or Filligree burns.

• Most common site is shoulder flanks.

• Cause of filligree burns: Staining of tissues with haemoglobin, along the path of current

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