Saturday, 27 June 2015


MC Cancers

MC type of odontogenic tumor : Ameloblastoma.
MC type of benign mandibular tumor : Ameloblastoma
MC type of lymphoma involving the head and neck region : Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
MC tumor of the Minor Salivary glands : Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma
MC vascular tumor of orbit in children : Capillary Hemangioma.
MC intraocular malignant neoplasm in childhood : Retinoblastoma
MC orbital malignant neoplasm of childhood : Rhabdomyo­sarcoma.
MC intraorbital tumors found in adults : Melanoma
MC type of  Pituitary adenomas : Prolactinoma
MC benign tumor of the larynx : Squamous papilloma
MC type of Sarcoma of the larynx : Chondrosarcoma.
MC breast tumor under age 25 years : Fibroadenoma
MC cardiac tumor in children : Rhabdomyoma.
MC cardiac valvular tumor : Papillary fibroelastoma
MC malignant tumor of the Heart : Angiosarcoma
MC malignant tumor affecting ribs of children + adolescents: Osteosarcoma
MC malignant neoplasm of diaphragm : Rhabdomyosarcoma
MC benign tumor of the lung : Hamartoma
MC Ca to arise from a thvroglossal duct cyst : Papillary carcinoma
MC GI neoplasm : Adenoma
MC GI tract location for primary extranodal lymphoma : Stomach(NHL type)
MC benign tumor of the small bowel : GIST
MC benign vascular gastric tumor : Glomus tumor of stomach.
MC type of Sarcoma of the liver : Angiosarcoma
MC malignant tumor of the Duodenum : Adenocarcinoma.
MC malignant tumor of the Small bowel : Adenocarcinoma
MC benign tumor of spleen : Hemangioma
MC malignant neoplasm of the spleen : Lymphoma.
MC glial spinal cord tumor in adults : Ependymoma
MC glial tumor with microcalcifications : Oligodendroglioma
MC gynecologic neoplasm : Uterine Leiomyoma
MC malignant abdominal neoplasm in children 1-8 years old: Wilms Tumor.
MC type of malignancy in undescended testis : Seminoma
MC malignant Testicular neoplasm : Non-sem inoma tous germ cell tumors
MC bilateral testicular tumor : Lymphoma
MC germ cell tumor associated with excessive hCG production: Choriocarcinoma.
MC malignant cause of bilateral global renal enlargement : Lymphoma.
MC malignant ovarian neoplasm : Serous adenocarcinoma.
MC malignant primary bone tumor in young adults and children : Osteosarcoma
MC malignant sex cord-stromal tumor : Granulosa cell tumor
MC intramedullary spinal neoplasm in adults : Ependymoma of Spinal Cord
MC intramedullary tumor in children : Astrocytoma
MC intravascular venous tumor : Leiomvosarcoma of P/C
MC in-utero renal tumor : Mesoblastic nephroma.
MC bladder neoplasm in children younger than 10 years :
MC primary malignant orbital tumor in childhood : Rhabdomyosarcoma
MC type of liposarcoma to affect children : Myxoid liposarcoma

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