Sunday, 24 May 2015

Psychiatry terminology


⛅Agnosia-Inability to recognize a specific sensory stimuli
⛅Apraxia-Inability to perform purposive movement
⛅Alexia-Inability to read
⛅Acalculia-Inabilty to perform arithmetic calculation
⛅Agraphia-Inability to write
⛅Anosmia-Inability to smell
⛅Prospaganosia-Inability to identify a familiar face
⛅Alexithymia-Inability to recognize & describe feelings
⛅Deja vu-sensation of feeling of familiarity.seen im temporal lobe epilepsy
⛅Jamis vu-Sensation of feeling of unfamiliarity
⛅Neologism-Idiosyncratically formed new words which cant be easily understood
⛅Flight of ideas-Rapid speech with rapid change in ideas
⛅Verbigeration-Senseless repetition of same words over & over again.

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