Wednesday, 8 April 2015


1.Cave spelunking, causes pneumonia :-Histoplasmosis
2.Broad based buds :-Blastomycosis
3.Captain wheel formation fungus aracoccidiodomycosis
4.Spherule w/ endospores (no yeast form):-Coccidiodomycosis
5.Skin and bone dissemination of fungus :-Blastomycosis
6.Intracellular fungal growth (inside macrophages) :-Histoplasmosis
7.Dimorphic fungal forms in cold? in heat? :-
cold = mold, heat = yeast (except coccidiodomyc->spherule)
8.San Joaquin valley, SW united states :-coccidiodomycosis
9.Latin America fungus aracoccidiodomycosis
10.Cutaneous fungal infxn, "spaghetti n meatballs" on KOH prep :-
Tinea versacolor (caused by Malassezia furfur)
11.What 3 fungi cause tinea pedis/cruris/corporis/captis?
Microsporum, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton MOLD FORMS ONLY...don't form yeast!
12.V shaped septate hyphae :-Aspergillus (A<-->V)
13.Narrow based unequal budding :-Cryptococcus neoformans
14.Pseudohyphae + Germ tubes of Candida are at what temps?:-
Pseudohyphae= 20C Germ Tubes= 37C (body temp)
15.L shaped hyphae :-Mucor/Rhizopus species
16.Allergic bronchopulmonary rxn after inhalation of what fungus?:-

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