Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Microbiology high yield

1.Bugs with exotoxins:-
"Some Say Cobra Venom Entering Buttocks
Could Cause Complete Blindness So ^*&^*"

[S aureus/pyogenes SuperAgs]
[C. diptheria , V. Cholera, E. coli, B.
pertusis----ADP ribosylation/A- B toxin]
[C.perfringens, C. tetani, C. botulinum,
B.antrhax, Shigela, S. pyogenes---- other

2.some toxins encoded by lysogenic phages:-
- shigA- like toxin
- Botulinum toxin
- Cholera toxin
- Diphtheria toxin
- Erythrogenic toxin of - Streptococcus

3.examples of Obligate anaerobes
Anearobes know their ABC's
- Bacterioides
- Clostridium

4.Catalase :-what it does and why it's bad
Catalase degrades H2O2, an antimicrobial
product of PMNs. H2O2 is a substrate for

5. what makes coagulase
S. aureus makes coagulase,
whereas S. epidermidis
and S. saprophyticus do not.

6.bacterial cAMP inducers:-cAMP
- Choerae
- E.coli (imagine the heat (h eat - labile) has
caused the E to faint and as fallen over to
make an M
- Pertussis

7.Zoonotic bacteria:-Big Bad Bugs From Yer Pet
- Bartonella henselea
- Borrelia burgdorferi
- Brucella spp.
- Francisella tularensis
-Yersinia pestis
- Pasteurella multocida

8.Cat scratch fever aka Bartonella henselae
Bartonella henselae
disease states
cat scratch fever
lymphadenopathy (swelling of the lymph
nodes) and fever. and Peliosis Hepatis

9.Peliosis Hepatis

is an uncommon vascular condition
characterised by randomly distributed
multiple blood -filled cavities throughout

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