Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Microbiology high yield

most common nosocomial infection is UTI
most common organism causing nosocomial UTI is E.coli
organism causing early onset nosocomial pneumonia is Pneumococci
organism causing late onset nosocomial pneumonia is Staph.aureus
organism causing surgical site infection is Staph.aureus
organism infecting burns is pseudomonas
Hair on end appearance is seen in -
sickle cell anemia,G6PD deficiency.Hereditary spherocytosis
Gamma Gandy Bodies is seen in Sickle cell anemia, CML, Liver cirrhosis
most common cause of native valve endocarditis is Staph.aureus
cause of early onset prosthetic valve endocarditis is coagulase negative Staphylococcus
cause of late onset prosthetic valve endocarditis is Strptococcus viridans
endocarditis in IV drug users Staph.aureus
Cutaneous Anthrax is known as hide porters disease ,the pustule that develos is painless and is known as Malignant pustule.
pulmonary anthrax is known as wool sorters disease,it causes hemorrhagic pneumonia
laryngeal diptheria is the most severe form...tracheostomy may be required but not in all cases
toxigenicity of diptheria is not chromosomally mediated but is phase mediated

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