Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Classification of microbes

BASIS of classifications

On capsular polysacch at gp.I,ii,iii,iv
On capsular antigen in A B C etc.a and c has vaccine.b has no vaccine.
On outer member proteins

On colony morphology on tellurite blod agar--gravis,mitis,intrmidius(McLeod classifictn)
On agglutintn test--gravis 13 types,intermedius 4 types,mitis 40 types

A.perfringens--on toxin basis A to E
B.botulinum--on toxin a b c1 c2 d e f g.all r neurotoxin except c2 which is cytotoxin
C.tetani--on agglutination I to x

A.lactose fermntr--klebsiella,e.coli
B.late lactose fer--shigella sonnei,Edwards Ella,citrobacter,serratia,providencia etc
C.non lac fer--all shigella except s.sonnei,salmonella,proteus

Shigella--on basis of mannitol frmnt as A B C D.all r mannitol fermntr xcpt a. serological gp--by O antigen serotype--by H ag

A.heiberg gping-on fermntn f sucrose,arabinnose,mannose
B.Gardner and venkatraman--a.on flagella r H at as A( v.chlorea) and B( heterogenous vibrio)
b.A go is further classyfyd on basis of O ag as O1 and non O1
c.O1 as agglutinble vibrio divide in classical n el tor which is further sub divide in serotype ogawa,inaba,hikogima

--on basis f LPS
Y.pestis--fermntation f glycerol
H.inluenzae--capsulr polysacc as a to f
Influenza virus--on basis f antigenic nature f internal ribonucleoprtin at as A B C

on nature f mAcroconidia as tricophyton,microsporum,epidermophyton

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