Wednesday, 8 April 2015



👐Renal angle: Formed b/w 12th rib and erector spinae.

👐Sternal angle: Second costal cartilage joins to stenum at this level (also k/as angle of Louis)

👐Citelli's angle: also k/as Sinodural angle, situated btwn the sigmoid sinus and middle fossa dura plate.

👐Solid angle: Area where three bony semicircular canals meet.

👐Alpha angle: The angle between the visual and the optic axes as they cross at the nodal point of the eye

👐Kappa angle: The angle formed by pupillary axis and visual axis at the pupil.

👐Cobb angle: Angle measuring scoliosis on a radiograph.

👐Angle of inclination: Angle formed by intersecting femoral neck angle (NA) with axis drawn through shaft of femur (SA). This angle normally varies b/w 90° and 160°.with an average of 135°

👐Urethrovesical angle is the angle b/w female urethra and the posterior vesical wall, normally about 90°-100. narrowing of this in cystocoel predisposes to stress urinary incontinence.

👐Aperture/ angle of female pubic
arch subpubic angle is 80°-85° in female & 50°-60° in male.

👐Greater sciatic notch is wider in female (75°) than male (60).

👐Subpubic angle is 80°-100 ° in gynaecoid pelvis.

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