Tuesday, 3 March 2015

White matter fibres

The fibers of white matter are classified into three types:
a) Association fibers
b) Commisural fibers
c) Projection fibers
The association fibers connect different parts of the cerebral cortex of the same hemisphere to each other. They are of two types;
a) short association fibers
b) long association fibers
The cingulum, uncinate fasciculus (arcuate fasciculus), superior longitudinal fasciculus, inferior longitudinal fasciculus are examples of long association fibers
Commisural fibers cross the midline and connect identical parts of two hemispheres.
Examples of commisural fibers are Corpus callosusm, anterior and posterior commisure, habenular commisure, HIPPOCAMPAL COMMISURE.
Projection fibres connect the cerebral cortex to other regions of central nervous system below it by corticopetal or ascending and corticofugal or descending fibres
Examples are corona radiata, internal capsule, fornix

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