Saturday, 7 March 2015

Viral encephalitis

Viral Meningoencephalitis::
►The pattern of slightly elevated protein,
lymphocytosis anvd normal CSF/blood glucose ratio
is most suggestive of viral meningitis.
►Viral meningitis is the most common cause of
aseptic meningitis.
►Enteroviruses (EVs) are the Most common proven
cause of viral meningitis and encephalitis (up to
85%–95% of viral meningitis and 80% of viral
►Mollaret's meningitis (recurrent, benign aseptic
meningitis) mostly associated with HSV type 2
infection without signs of genital infection and
occasionally with type 1 HSV or with Epstein-Barr
►Herpes Simplex Virus: Most common focal viral
encephalitis in nonepidemic settings; most
common sporadic fatal encephalitis.
►Japanese encephalitis virus: Most common cause
of epidemic encephalitis worldwide; causes
encephalitis more than meningitis. Prevalent in
Asia and Australia; affects children more than
►More than 80% of cases of benign recurrent
aseptic meningitis are caused by HSV-2. In
contrast, HSV-1 CNS infection is almost always
manifested as encephalitis rather than aseptic
►Generally speaking, Viral Meningitis Most
common Causes:
Enterovirus > HSV-2
►Compared to herpes simplex encephalitis,
enterovirus infection more commonly causes global
encephalitis with generalized neurologic

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