Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Contributions Of Emil Theodor Kocher


Kocher's Vein - may sometimes drain lower and middle thyroid if present.

Kocher's Forceps - has got a tooth in its tip.

Kocherisation - duodenal mobilisation.

Kocher's Right Subcostal Incision - for cholecystectomy.

Kocher's Thyroid Incision - horizontal crease incision, two finger breadth above the sternal notch, from one sternocleidomastoid to the other (posterior margin of sternocleidomastoid).

Kocher's Method - for reduction of shoulder dislocation.

Kocher's Test - when both lateral lobes of thyroid are pushed posteromedially with fingers in case of a huge or long-standing thyroid enlargement, the production of stridor indicates a positive test [signifies weakened tracheal (rings) cartilage because of constant pressure by the thyroid gland].

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