Saturday, 14 March 2015

Cancer staging

🔰 Halls Criteria: Downs syndrome
🔰 Duke's Criteria: Endocarditis/Heart failure
🔰 Butchers Criteria: Mesothelioma
🔰 Ann Arbor's Classification: Hodgkins lymphoma
🔰 Bismuth-Corlette Classification: Tumors of hepatic ductal system
🔰 Nazer's Index: Wilsons disease
🔰 Pagets Index: Abruptio placenta
🔰 Quetlet Index: BMI - wt. in kgs/ht. in meter square
🔰 Ponderal Index: Ht. in cms/cube root of body wt. in kgs
🔰 Brocca Index: Ht. in cms-100
🔰 Lorentz's Formula: Ht. in cms-100-Ht.(cm)-150/2(women) or 4(men)
🔰 Corpulence Index: Actual wt./desired wt. should not exceed 1.2
🔰 Milan's Criteria: For liver transplant in HCC
🔰 Myer-Cotton Staging System: Subglottic stenosis
🔰 Spalding's Criteria: Abdominal pregnancy
🔰 GCS/Ranson's Criteria/APACHE Score: Pancreatitis
🔰 Enneking's Staging: Bone tumors
🔰 McDonald's Criteria: Multiple Sclerosis
🔰 Epworth's Criteria : Sleep apnea
🔰 Frammingham's Criteria/Boston's Criteria: CHF
🔰 Durie Salmon Staging System: Multiple myeloma
🔰 Light's Criteria: Pleural effusion
🔰 GOLD's Criteria: COPD
🔰 OKUDA Staging: HCC
🔰 Child's Turcott Pugh Score/MELD/PELD: Cirrhosis of liver
🔰 Mantrel's Criteria/Alvarado Score: Appendicitis
🔰 Evan's Staging: Neuroblastoma
🔰 FAB Classification: Leukemias
🔰 Gleason's Staging: Ca. Prostrate
🔰 Robson's Staging: RCC
🔰 NADA's Criteria: ASD assesment of child for heart disease
🔰 Rye Classification: Hodgkins lymphoma
🔰 Chang's Staging: Medulloblastoma
🔰 Jackson's Staging: Penile carcinoma
🔰 Seddon's Classification: Nerve injury & regeneration
🔰 Lauren's Classification: Gastric ca.
🔰 Neer's Classification: Proximal Humeral#
🔰 Gartland's Classification: Supracondylar# humerus
🔰 Amsel's Criteria: Bacterial vaginosis
🔰 Mallampati Scoring: For intubation
🔰 Forrest Classification: Peptic ulcer bleed
🔰 Hess & Hunt Scale: Subarachnoid hemorrhage
🔰 Duke Staging: Colon cancer
🔰 Rotterdam's Criteria: PCOS
🔰 Le Fort's Classification: Facial#
🔰 Wells' Criteria: Pulmonary embolism
🔰 Rule of Wallace/Rule of 9: Burns
🔰 Mason Johnson Classification: Radial head#
🔰 Stanford Classification: Aortic dissection
🔰 Rockall Scoring: Adverse outcome after GI bleed
🔰 Glasgow-Blatchford Score: Upper G.I. bleed for medical intervention
🔰 Waterlow's Classification & Gomez' Classification: Malnutrition in children

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