Saturday, 28 February 2015

Viral hepatitis:-

Viral hepatitis:-
• MC acute viral hepatitis in the world overall--- Hepatitis A.
• MC acute viral hepatitis in children.-----Hepatitis A
• MC acute viral hepatitis (epidemic/sporadic) in Indian adults and overall ----- Hepatitis E
• MC chronic Viral Hepatitis World Wide and India ----- Hepatitis B
• MC Viral Hepatitis worldwide/ India responsible for Cirrhosis/HCC --- Hepatitis B 
• maximum number of carriers/chronicity worldwide / India------Hepatitis C
• Most common type of hepatitis associated With transfusion---Hepatitis B
(Harrison18/e page no—954 (table) 
• Fulminant hepatitis ----- co-infecton of  hepatitis b and d
• Chronicity ------superinfection of hepatitis b and d

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