Sunday, 8 February 2015

List of named fascia

List of named fascia
*Fascia of Gerota-Renal fascia
*Fascia of Told-anterior renal fascia
*Fascia of Zuckerkandle-Posterior renal fascia
*Fascia of Camper-Superficial fatty layer between umbilicus & pubis
*Fascia of Scarpa-Deep membranous layer between umbilicus & pubis
*Fascia of Colles-Fascia scarpa below the external inguinal ring
*Fascia Colli-Deep cervical fascia
*Fascia of Denonvilliers-Fascia between prostrate & rectum
*Fascia of Sibsons-Suprapleural membrane
*Fascia of Waldeyer-Fascia between rectum & sacrum & coccyx
*Gallaudet's fascia-External oblique fascia
*Fascia Lunata-Fascia of ischiorectal fossa
*External spermatic fascia-Extension of external oblique aponeurosis
*Internal spermatic fascia-Extension of fascia transversal is
*Fascia Cribrosa-Fascia covering saphenous opening
*Fascia Lata-Deep fascia of thigh

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