Friday, 13 February 2015

Blood storage

1- indicator for blood transfusion in chronic anemia? HEMATOCRIT

2-indicator for blood transfusion in trauma?CLINICAL EXAMINATION

3-storage time of blood with CDP-A and CDP? 35  AND 21DAYS

4-storage time of platelets?5DAYS

5-temparature for storage of platelets?20 TO 25°-ONLY BLOOD PRODUCT STORED AT ROOM TEMP

6-clotting factors reduced in storage blood? FACTOR 5 AND 8

7-only electrolyte increased in massive blood transfusion? POTTASIUM

8-rosenthal syndrome associated with which clotting factor? FACTOR 11

9-t 1/2 of transfused rbc? 60DAYS

10-synthetic oxygen carriers?FLUSOL,RECOMBINANT HB,ERYTHROPOITIN

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