Monday, 12 January 2015

Most commons


MC benign tumor of spleen : Hemangioma

MC benign tumor of the larynx : Squamous papilloma

MC benign tumor of the lung : Hamartoma

MC benign tumor of the small bowel : GIST

MC benign vascular gastric tumor : Glomus tumor of stomach.

MC bilateral testicular tumor : Lymphoma

MC biliary complication s/p lap. cholecystectomy : Bile duct leak from cystic duct stump.

MC biliary complication s/p liver transplantation : Obstruction/stenosis at anastomosis.

MC bladder neoplasm in children younger than 10 years : Rhabdomyosarcoma

MC bone to develop an osteochondroma : Femur (tibia second most common)

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