Saturday, 10 January 2015

Historical milestones in Forensic Medicine

1 Code of Hammurabi -”oldest known medico-legal code. 
2 Hippocrates (father of Medicine)  discussed lethality of wounds and formulated medical ethics. 
3. Manu law's  medical ethics” many sexual matters  most scientifically discussed. 

4  Justinian code -regulated the practice of medicine & surgery.  and established the function of the medical expert for legal procedure. 
5 Bartolomeo De Varignana - first medicolegal autopsy done by him in Italy. 
6 Paulus Zacchias  written "medico-legal questions", questions Medico legalis." 

7 Fortunato Fedele—written first book on Forensic medicne. 
8 Orfil considered as father of Modern Toxicology. 
9 In the 18th century, study in legal Medicine as a subject was established by appointing professorship in Germany.

10 In England Me Naughten's (who was aschizophrenic) rule has been established to deal with legal matters in cases of insanity or like situations whatsoever 

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