Monday, 26 January 2015

Bone lesions

Commonest sites of bone lesions
1.Osteosarcoma-Lower end of femur
2.Osteoclastoma-Lower end of femur
3.Ewing's sarcoma-Tibia
4.Osteoid osteoma-Tibia
5.Osteochondroma-Metaphysis of femur
6.Multiple myeloma-Vertebra
7.Bone Secondaries-Vertebra
8.Ivory osteoma-Frontal sinus
10.Chordoma-Sacrum and cervical spine
11.Enchondroma-Small bones of hands and feet
12.Simple bone cyst-Upper end of humerus
13.Aneurysmal bone cyst-Lower end of humerus
14.Rhabdomyosarcoma-Head and neck regions

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