Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Nitroblue tetrazolium test- screening for chronic granulomtous dis
Wangenstien invertogrm- for diagnosis of ano-rectal anomalies
Flow cytometry- gold standrd for PNH
High perf liq chromatography- sickle cel anaemia in infants
Daptomycin- used even in linezolid, streptogranin resistnt stap
Paper chromatography+ nitric acid test= for sanguinarine toxin detectn
Ivabradine- reduces HR and used in chronic
Iodine, osmium tetroxide used in finger printing
Galton system- F.printing
Bertilon systm- anthropometry
Father of modrn toxicology- orfilla
Black hypostasis- opium poisoning
Hippus+ buring,tingling lips and throat- aconite
King of poison- arsenic
Vineyard sprayer lung- copper sulph toxicity
Green coloured urine- carbolic acid poisoning
(leather bottle stomach)
Strychnine poisoning- no unconciousness, acts at post synaptic glycine receptor
Cantharide poisoning- priaprism
Phosphorus poisn- phossy jaw
Cholera like diarhoea in arsenic poisoning
Viral infctd tissue- 50%glycerine
Negri bodies- rabies (hippocampus, cerebellum)
Lewy body(alpha synuclein)- in parkinson dis
NF tangle(tau protn)- in Alzheimr dis
Hirano bodies- alzheimer dis
Verrocay bodies, antoni bodies- schwannoma
C-ANCA refers to anti protienase3
P-ANCA refers to antimyeloperoxidase
Amyloidosis in haemodialysis- A-beta2 microglobulin
Muted ATTR- in familial amyld polyneuropathy
Durck granuloma- cerebral malaria
Masson fontana- stain for melanin
Masson trichrome- for collagen
Von kossa- for calcium
Elecroculogram- arden index used

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