Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Liver pathology

• Accumulations of triglyceride fat droplets within hepatocytes is known as Fatty liver or Steatosis.
• Two types 

( multiple tiny droplets not displacing nucleus)

1)Reye syndrome 
2)Acute Fatty liver of pregnancy
3)Jamaican vomiting sickness
4) Drugs—valproic acid ; tetracycline
5) Wolman disease
6) Lysosomal acid lipase deficiency
7) Early alcoholic liver disease 
8) chronic viral hepatitis


(single large droplet displacing nucleus to periphery)

1) Late alcoholic liver disease
2) Diabetes Mellitus – insulin resistance
3) lipodystrophy
4)Protein energy malnutrition ;starvation
5) dysbetalipoproteinemia
6) TPN; Jejunoileal bypass
7) Inflammatory bowel disease
8) Syndrome X (obesity; DM; hypertriglyceridemia)
9)Drugs---estrogens ; calcium Channel Blockers

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