Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Congenial heart diseases

✅Most common symptomatic cyanotic heart disease at birth: TGV

✅Most common cyanotic heart disease: TOF
✅Most common congenital Heart defect: VSD

✅Most common valvular anomaly: BAV
✅Most common anomaly associated with COA: BAV >> PDA

✅Most common cardiac anomaly associated with turner syndrome: BAV > COA(More specific)

✅Most common cardiac defect associated with Noonan syndrome: Pulmonary stenosis

✅Most common cardiac defect associated with Down's syndrome: AVSD > VSD > ASD

✅Most consistent feature of TOF : Infundibular stenosis > Pulmonary stenosis

✅Most common valvular abnormality associated with ankylosing spondylitis:  incompetent aortic valve

✅Most common valve involved in Rheumatic heart disease: Mitral valve

✅Most common valve abnormality in acute rheumatic fever: Mitral incompetence/ Regurgitation

✅Over all most common heart valve abnormality in rheumatic heary disease: MR

✅Most common valve abnormality in chronic rheumatic heart disease: Mitral stenosis

✅Most common valve affected with carcinoid syndrome: Tricuspic Valve

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