Friday, 5 December 2014


SAGM additive solution provides
optimum red Cell viability
1) Sodium Chloride provides isotonicity
2) Adenine maintains ATP for red cell viability
3) Glucose supports red cell metabolism
4) Mannitol helps reduce red cell lysis
• Shelf life (whole blood / red cells ) in :
1) ACD( acidified citrate dextrose) = 21 days
(> 70% transfused cells viable after 24 hours)
2) CPD( Citrate phosphate dextrose) = 28 days
3) Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine (CPDA) = 35 days
4) SAGM ( Saline Adenine Glucose Mannitol)= 42 days
• Whole blood:
Storage temp.= 2-6 0c
1 unit raises Hb by ---1gm/dl and haematocrit by 3%.
After collection from donor ,blood should be processed for component separation within 6 hrs
• Storage and duration
1) Whole blood / packed red cells--- 2-6 0c for 42 days
2) Platelets----22-24 0c for 3 days with continuous agitation
3) Fresh frozen plasma---below -25 0c for 1 year
4) Cryoprecipitate------ below -25 0c for 1 year
• Transfusion protocols:
Transfusion should commence within 30 minutes of removing blood bag from refrigerator of blood bag.
(after that it will increase risk of bacterial contamination)
1) Whole blood /packed rbc --transfusion must be completed within 4 hrs.
2) Platelet and FFP----within 20 minutes.
Transfusion set should have standard filter of 170 micron meter pore size
Usual needle size =18-19 gauge
Not necessary to warm blood before transfusion
Patient should be monitored during 1st 15 minutes, following this every hour, at the end and after 4 hrs after end of transfusion.

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