Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Movat stain:Aortic wall in aortic dissection
Warthin Starry silver stain:Bacillary angiomatosis {bartonella }
Congo red:Amyloidosis
Von kossa stain:Calcium
Rhodanine stain:Wilsons disease for demonstrating Cu
Orcein stain: Wilsons disease for demonstrating Cu-associated protein
Reticulin stain:Differentiation of Pituitary adenoma {+ve} from hyperplasia{-ve}
Brilliant cresyl blue {Supravital stain}:
Coomassie blue stain
:SDS-PAGE analysis of RBC membrane {for protein demonstration}
PAS:SDS-PAGE analysis of RBC membrane {for Glycophorin demonstration}
SYBR Green dye:PCR
Filipin stain:Cholesterol
Schultz stain:Cholesterol esters
Calcium lipase stain:Mono-,di-,and tri-glycerides
Nile blue sulphatase:
Psosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl serine
Plasmal reaction:Phosphatidyl ethanolamine
Ferric hematoxylin:Sphingomyelin
Fuelgen stain
Methyl green pyronin
Gallocyanin chrome alum method
Acridine orange:DNA
Annexin V:Apoptotic cells
Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride:Myocardium
Viable –magenta
Masson-Trichrome stain:Mature collagen in tissues
PAS +ve ,Diastase resistant:Alpha1 antitrypsin
Pas +ve Diastase sensitive:Glycogen
Orcien/Aldehyde fuschin stain:Ground glass hepatocytes in Chr.hepatitis
Hopps –Brown stain,
Modified Giemse stain
Ethin srarry silver stain
Ethidium bromide stain: H.pylori on gastric mucosa
Toluidine blue:
Supravital staining of Laryngeal lesions for diagnosis

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