Wednesday, 19 November 2014

High yield

Traube-Hering waves are fluctuations in BP synchronized with respiration.

Nugent Score is a gram stain scoring system for pap tests to diagnose bacterial vaginosis.

Normally pleural fluid is formed at the rate of 0.6ml/hr (14.4 ml/day).
Kevorkian sign- It is a post mortem change where there is fragmentation or segmentation of retinal vessels

Baroreceptors are more sensitive to diastolic BP than systolic BP.

Tetradotoxin and Saxitoxin blocks voltage gated Na+ channels.

The source of calcium ions for skeletal muscle is Sarcoplasmic reticulum whereas for Smooth muscle & Cardiac muscle, the main source of calcium ions is ECF and partly SR.

Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease is due to mutation in the gene encoding for connexins.

Gastric juice contains Na+, K+, Mg2+ and H+ but does not contain Ca2+

Nysten's rule states that Rigor mortis does not start in all muscles simultaneously, it appears first in involuntary muscles.

Postfixed brachial plexus occurs when the T2 ventral ramus contributes to the brachial plexus. 
Contributions to the plexus usually come from C6 - T2. 

An elevated level of IL-6 in CSF is a feature of CNS involvement in Behcet's disease. (Neuro - Behcet disease) 

The normal value of P50 on the oxygen dissociation curve in an adult is 3.6kilopascal/25mmHg 

Thyroid hormones increase the metabolism in all tissues except brain and testis. 

Addiction is particularly associated with nucleus accumbens

Recombinant Erythropoetin derivatives which are used in anemia of chronic renal failure are Epoietin and Darbopoietin-alpha

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