Thursday, 20 November 2014

Exam recalls

1. Dawson finger- Multiple sclerosis
2. Snow storm app (knee) ' Synovial chondromatosis
3. Topoisomerase 1 Ab - Diffuse scleroderma
4. SEARO head quarter - Delhi
5. Paranasal sinus investigation ct
6. Salt n pepper skin scleroderma
7. dent channelopathy chloride
8. Dissociative anesthesia - ketamine
9. Dane particle- Haepatitis B
10. Pachymetry- Corneal thickness
11. MCC of Acute otitis media - Pnemococci
12. small intestine opened by enterotome
13. Cimetidine- A/E Gynaecomastia
14. Trophoblastic differentiation : 8th day
15. Broca's: Non fluent aphasia
16. Apple jelly nodules: lupus vulgaris
17. national blindness control programme 1976
18. no. of female mites to diagnose scabies 10-15
19. sleep spindles stage 2 sleep
20. eligible couple in india 150-200
21. verapamil s/ e constipation
22. alosteron s/e constipation
23. longest LA .... dibucaine
24. jones tendon transfer radial nerve
25. le fortes operation for elderly
26. Ricketsia -doc doxycycline
27. Cuscos specullam
28. Effrent arterioler constriction more than afferent?>>Increased then decreased
29. peliosis hepatis bartonella
30. intranuclear basophilic cmv
31. alcohol destroys bacteria by protein coagulation
32. steroid non depolarising myo relaxant
33. Milk stored in lactiniferous sinuses
34. tachy noire is chane in. eyes aftr death
35. tropical splenomegaly which immungloblin is increaeed???igm
36. renal part of ivc is from subcardinal vein
37. Common peroneal-fibula#
38. Clue cells.. bact vaginosis
39. Owl eye inclusion cmv
40. Somites at 5th wk- answer is 38 pair
41. Suprascapular is not a branch of axilary artery
42. flexor extensor retinaculum picture with tendons
43. Tachy noir me its deposition of debris n mucus..
44. Sphenopalatine ganglion -pain sensation
45. Verapamil mc s/e .. constipation
46. For staging of  non-hodgins.... Pet is first choice f /b nmri....
47. anasthetic widLowest mac is methoxyflurane
48. Not perceptual - illusion
49. Sacrospinous ligament -degenerated ischiococcygeous muscule
50. grievious hurt 320sec
51. m stage specific anti neoplastic drug.....vincristine
52. axillary n. supplies deltoid
53. max source of vit a.... halibut liver oil
54. subpoena -written document
55. prob village - not included guinea worm
56. max conc of sodium channel.....initial segmnt of neurom
57. mifepristone and misoprostol can be used for early abortion up to 63 days after the start of the last menstrual period
58. face to pubis delivery anthropoid pelvs
59. Tx of mtx toxicity >> folinic acid
60. ht inc in 2nd yr -12cm
61. benzodizepine without active metabolite....oxazepam
62. acetyl coa carboxylase enzyme - biotin req
63. co attach to complex 4
64. Inf gama -cytotoxic n helper tcel also nk cel
65. rail road pm changes retina
66. T hb stabilised by 23 BPG
67. small pox eradication 8 may 1980
68. acidophilic cell -gh
69. molotov cocktail -petrol bomb
70. somites frm paraxial mesoderm
71. n to myelohoid -ant belly of digastric
72. hemochromatosis hpfe gene
73. alveeoli dry due to negative interstitial pressure FINAL
74. substrate level phosphorylation succinyl thiokinase
75. alveoli prevented from collapsing due to surfactant
76. alosetran s/e constipation
77. Blood vol returns normal in preg after 4-8 wks post delivery 
78. Pontiac fever - legionella
79. Sister joseph nodule- metastasis
80. bad prognosis of wich heart dis in preg. .pulmo. hypertn ,eisenmengr - pulm htn is answer
81. max sensitivity of taste bud glucose sucrose or strychtrine or naclanswer is strychrine
82. Least penetration is cocaine
83. Diffuse tropoblastic infiltration in complete mole
84. Central pontine myelinosis - hyponatremia rapid correction
85. Restrictive catdiomyopathy - amylodosis
86. Length of Eustachian tube - 36mm
87. Chandipura vector - Sandfly
88. Folfox - colorectal CA
89. Horse shoe kidney - lower pole joined and at L4
90. Malonate - competitive inhibitor Succ DH
91. 2003 epidemic - SARS
92. Bosniak classfn - renal cysts
93. ivermectin dose 200 mcg or 400 mcg answer is 200 mcg
94. peds pt.. hib meningitis... inv done is bera
95. Hawkins sign.. For subtalar lucency
96. what is na ecf level abswer is 142
97. shortest actin muscle relaxant miva
98. neuro retinal rim of optic disc is thick nasally orr inferior final answer is inferiorly
99. non casseous granuloma CD
100. Albendazole dose in children in neurocysticercosis 15 to 20 mg per kg per day for 3 weeks
101. doc hypothy preg -ptu
102. Which is not absolute contra for thrombolytics 1.bp more than 180/110 2.✔diabetic retinal hmrage 3.h/o cerebral hmrage 4.aortic disection
103. Sublingual gland is Mucos
104. Spiral CT - 3mm in 30 secs
105. Swelling better palpated than seen - scalp
106. A pancreatic pseudocyst is a circumscribed collection of fluid rich in pancreatic enzymes
107. Buschke-Ollendorff sign This is a sign to be elicited in case of secondary syphilis
108. Hanging curtain sign in pitriasis rosea
109. sign of child abuse/ beating # scapula, rib , long bone , digits answer is long bones
110. Pronator drift - pyramidal tract lesion
111. All cause sudden death in infant and pediatric age grp except.  A) romanoward  b) AS  c) hypoplastic left heart  d) kawasaki answer is hypoplastic left heart disease
112. tropical spleenomegaly igm
113. Mental age 8 .patient age 10.... -----IQ 80
114. 100 mg hydrocort = 20 mg prednisolone
115. Dose of iv anti D in ITP--- 75 micrograms/kg
116. Meningococi n gonococi differenciated by maltose fermentation
117. Allodynia- due to stimulus which doesnt normally illicit pain
118. Ercp--- gold standard fr chr pancreatitis
119. Holler Miller sign - Juvenile nasoph angiofibroma
120. favorable factor in neuroblastoma ???? a.less than 18 months b.amplification on n-myc c. increase in telomerase. d. absence of scwann stroma. answer is b
121. cerebral infarct earliest detected in diffusion wt mri
122. Human ear can hear up to wt freqncy?? 500-3000hz
123. ritters disease by staph aureus
124. Munro micro abscess - Psoriasis
125. Snowbanking seen in intermediate uveitis
126. prostate sinus - prostate duct opening
127. kappa angle.....btwn pupillary axis n visual axis
128. Maple syrup dis mutation answer E1a
129. Blood volume becomes pre pregnant state which week ??4weeks
130. muller sign aortic insufficiency
131. atherosclerosis asso with chlamydia Chlamydia pneumonia to be specific
132. media for listeria -tsye medium,oxford medium and palcam medium
133. metamorphopsia diagnosed by-amsler grid
134. source of nitrogen in urea-nh4+ and aspartate
135. cu 380a failure rate-0.4%
136. banana shaped left ventricle seen in-hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
137. hart's rule-concept that laws are made by human beings and that law and morality are not connected
138. reflected part of inguinal ligament is formed by-external oblique
139. in head injury patient,cerebral perfusion pressure is maintained at-50-70 mmhg
140. drug for idiopathic intracranial hypertension-acetazolamide
141. pseudotumor cerebri vit A toxicity
142. Troilism (sometimes spelled triolism) refers to sexual activity in which three persons take part simultaneously
143. Pre-emptive analgesia is a treatment that is initiated before the surgical procedure in order to reduce this sensitization
144. Metamorphosia test-amsler grid for macular degeneration
145. neurolep anaesthesia Droperidol2.5 plus fentany0.05 plus n2o
146. Hbm-histidine replaced by tyrosine
147. severe mental retardation.... 20-35
148. best inv of ca breast - biopsy
149. sleep drunkeness - somnolentia
150. Ca pancreas detail view
151. Mc oncogene is kras
152. Mc tumor suppressor is p 53
153. line of genmari visual cortex
154. tsh action by cAMP
155. Not crossing placenta are Insulin Pth Calcitonin Tsh
156. ipc fr concealing birth.... 318
157. telefona.....beating on both ears
158. Falagna.. Beating on soles
159. common cold is virus
160. Aplastic crisis.. parvo b19
161. h/o watery discharge itching papilla on upper conjunctiva..... rx....steroid
162. cyclin d- IgH- mantle cell lymphoma
163. mc site fr ectopic pancreas.....stomach
164. sumatriptan agonist....5H1d
165. Peliosis hepatitis... bartonella
166. methotrexate poisoning.....treatmnt.....folinic acid
167. unwinding of dna helicase
168. Minimum in 1 breath in 30 sec is 5 cm
169. Mid sagital brain mri visible is pons
170. Thickness of bacterial cell wall 20 to 25 nm
171. fungus causing hair n skin infection......microsporum
172. death after rupture of berry aneurism d/t...SAH
173. noise limit fr factory.... India me 90 for 8 hrs, Who me 85 for 8 hrs
174. salmon patch leprosy
175. common s/e of verapamil....constipation
176. influenza pandemic pattern cyclical
177. ineffective staph--- 3rd gen cephalospor
178. malignant hyperthermia.....succinylcholine, Treatment is dantrolene
179. 1st sign malign hyperthermia is tachycardia
180. bankart lesion......ant surface of labrum in ant dislocation of shoulder, Hill sach is posterolateral
181. Mc dislocated joint in shoulder
182. osgood shatters dis is osteochrondritis of tibial tuberce
183. Shortest acting non depolarozing muscle relaxant.. Mivacurium
184. Preemptive ansthesia Jst be4 operations
185. Jay vigyan mission mode project.. Rheumatic heart disease
186. anti D to rh negtv pregnant before delivry....which kind of immunity.......  passive
187. Double diffusion method.. Octetlony
188. Cryoglobinemia seen in hep c inf
189. Mcc of meningitis in immunocompromised pt-cryptococcus
190. Mc cause of mental retardation.. Downs synd
191. Treatment type 2 hyperlipopr - Niacin
192. plasmid which gets integrated in jost dna---- episomes
193. tmp n smx combination dose 160 plus 800
194. Stria of gennari seen in occiptl lobe In visual cortex
195. Dose of rTPA in stroke - 0.9mg/kg
196. defense mechanisms are unconscious
197. Non closer of posterior neuropore- spina bifida
198. Unilateral dysmenorrhea - Rudimentary horn in double uterus
199. Acl &pcl both r supplied by middle genicular vessels& nerves
200. mc problem in males answer is erectile dysfunction
201. angular acceleration cristae
202. photosensitivity caused by....demeclocycline
203. mc spinal mets extradural
204. sinus that develops first is maxillary
205. ldh5 is present in liver
206. Christmas tree pattern - Pityriasis Rosea
207. denominator General fertility rate = females in age group 15 to 45
208. lyell syndrome -TEN
209. korthoff media leptospirosis
210. kirby bauer chart antibiotic wafers
211. Pseudo pancreatic cyst contains pancreatic enzymes
212. hypocretins less cause narcolepsy
213. orlistat antiobesity drug acts peripherally
214. seritonin related to depression
215. old blood stains acid elution technique
216. mc side effect of thiazide.....hypokalemia
217. somatostatin decreases insulin
218. excretry portion of kidney formed by....mesonephric duct
219. Azithro can be given with theophylline
220. medial aspect of greater toe supplied by...deep peroneal n.
221. Collecting portion by ureteric bud
222. bupivacaine.....cardiotoxic
223. Buschke ollendorf sign secondary syphilis
224. NAPCB  1976
225. Anatomical snuff box -The posterior border of the snuffbox is the tendon of the extensor pollicis longus.The anterior border (closest to the edge of the hand) is a pair of parallel and intimate tendons, of the extensor pollicis brevis and the abductor pollicis longus.The proximal border is styloid process of the radius. The floor of the snuffbox varies depending on the position of the wrist, but both the trapezium and primarily the scaphoid can be palpated.
226. Not true about gluteus maximus Supplied by superior gluteal nerve
227. Indira Gandhi pension scheme for >65yrs bpl
228. Vibices is post mortem staining
229. Motorcyclist fracture is fracture of base of skull
230. indicator fr burden of disease..... proportional mortality ratio
231. pachymetry.....corneal thickness
232. Rhodopsin gene RHO on chromosome 3
233. Hmb 45 melanoma
234. Bamboo spine ank spondylisis
235. Ivermectin 200ug/kg
236. Testicular feminizing is 46 XY
237. Iodine defn -- prevalence: NNHT,  Effectiveness of intervention/prog: preg urine levels
238. papillary necrosis....not seen in benign nephrosclerosis
239. PQLI does not take account per capita income
240. CD20 maltoma
241. Ix fr chr pancreatitis.....ercp
242. choledocholithiasis caused by.... clofibrate
243. torcetrapib :cetp inhibitior
244. nutmeg liver....chf
245. Unit of study in ecological study is population
246. clue gardenella in bacterial vaginosis....
247. waterlow classification....malnutrition in children
248. Intranuclear inclusion CMV
249. stave cells in spleen
250. Vit in TCA cycle r B1 B2 niacin n pantothenic acid
251. Summons crpc 61 to 69
252. Best Std prevention by- condom
253. svc formed by rt. ant. cardinal and common cardinal veins
254. Hep virus wit dna HBV
255. Sandifer syndrome ka dd is seizure
256. Femoral. Dorsal L2,3,4
257. delivery by flexion in face presentation
258. Parvo virus 19- erythema infectiosum
259. Stomatostatin _ decrease insulin
260. Disability free - suvillian index
261. Leiner's disease-biotin deficiency
262. Muscle tested to diff b/w high and low radial nerve palsy- brachioradialis
263. Chronic granulomatous disease defect due to macrophages
264. 3rd part of duodenum related to sup mesentric artery
265. Maculae cerulae - pthyrus pubis
266. Agnes hunt traction - hip deformity
267. Cyclin D and Ig H fusion gene defect - mantle cell
268. Vidian neurectomy for vasomotor rhinitis
269. Epornithic - epidemic related to birds.
270. Coenocytic aseptate fungus- zygo
271. Greenish discolouration of skin due to sulph hb
272. Refsum's disease - def of phytanic acid oxidase
273. Chr prostatitis - antib given for 4-6 wks..
274. Mcc of renal calcium stones - idiopathic
275. Deep hair follicle infectn- furuncle
276. Tibialis post - causes inversion foot and attached to navicular bone
277. Jan vigyan mission project - RHD
278. cecal volvulus answer is right hemicolectomy and ileocolostomy for sure..
279. Icd 10 unnamed disease classifed under U section.
280. Mc type of scoliosis is idiopathic.
281. Fistula formation in HCC CANAL.
282. Tropical splenomegaly IgM inclusion
283. Cyclin d nd igh gene mantle cell lymphoma
284. O' dounouge triad acl + mcl+mm
285. Rickettsia ConroI nt in Australia
286. Bronchial smooth muscle hyperplasia in asthma
287. Ivory vertebrae in paget's disease
288. Tyrosinemia type 1 - fumaryl acetoacetate hydroxylase deficiency
289. Mc site of occupational carcinoma - skin
290. Candle wax drippings - seen in sarcoidosis
291. Acidophil cells produce GH and prolactin
292. Most specific index for renal tubular function-- is urine concentrating abilty.. Bt it ws nt in options so ansr May b specific gravity..plz confirm dis
293. Lysine helps in crosslinking of collagens, providing strength to the skin
294. Structure seen at the base of 4 th ventricle..Stria terminals Stria medullaris Stria medullaris thalami Ans..stria medullaris
295. Vit d rda 400 iu
296. father of nonparalytic polio- j.Salk (confirm)
297. Atleast 10000bacilli/ml for sputumbb smear positivity

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