Wednesday, 19 November 2014


3 zones of proximal 5th metatarsal fracture
Zone 1- styloid process (cancellous tuberosity) – pseudo jones # - avulsion of peroneus brevis&plantar fascia
Zone 2 – true jones fracture – fracture at metaphyseo-diaphyseal junction
Zone 3 – extension into diaphysis

Maisonneuve fracture - #medial malleolus + distaltibiofibularsyndesmosis injury + # proximal third fibula
Tillaux-Chaput fracture – fracture anterolateral aspect of the distal tibialepiphysis (salter harris type 3)
Triplanar fracture – fracture of distal tibia only occurring in adolescents (type 4 salter harris type)
Pilon fracture – communited distal intraarticular fracture tibia (ruedialgower classification)
Bosworth fracture – fracture-dislocation of the ankle (fracture of the fibula and posterior dislocation of the talus.)
Cotton fracture – trimalleolar fracture
Pott fracture – bimalleolar fracture
Lefortwagstaffe fracture – avulsion fracture of medial aspect of the distal fibula due to avulsion of the anterior talofibular ligament attachment


Jones (true) fracture - # metaphysiodiaphyseal junction of base of 5th metatarsal
Pseudo jones fracture - #styloid process of base of 5th metatarsal
Lisfranc injury- tarsometatarsal fracture dislocation
Lover’s fracture- calcaneal fracture
Aviator fracture- fracture neck of talus
March fracture- stress # 2nd metatarsal foot
Chopart fracture – fracture dislocation through intertarsal joints

Segond fracture – avulsion fracture of lateral aspect of tibialplateau + ACL tear (75%)

Duverney fracture – isolated iliac wing fracture
Malgaigne fracture – ipsilateral superior &inferior rami fracture and sacroiliac joint disruption.
Dashboard fracture – fracture of posterior lip of acetabulum with posterior dislocation of hip
Straddle fracture – B/L superior &inferior pubic rami fractures

Burst fracture- comminuted fracture of vertebral body
Chancefracture (car seat belt injury) – horizontal fracture of vertebrae extending from body to the posterior element caused by strong flexion distraction force
Clay- shoveller fracture – avulsion fracture of spinous process of lower cervical or upper thoracic vertebrae
Hangman fracture – C2 fracture + C2-C3 subluxation
Jafferson fracture – fracture of atlas (#C 1)

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