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Aiims nov 2014

1. Harakiri - suicide by stabbing abdomen
2. H-reflex - to test S1 nerve root
3. Mc method of parasuicide 1)cutting wrist 2)hanging 3) drugs
4. 1st disease to be described based on deficiency of a single neurotransmitter - parkinson’s/huntington/alzheimer/schizophrenia
5. psych patient with epigastric crepitus, alopecia, vomiting - Trichobezoar
6. drug not given in alcohol dependence - phenytoin/disulfirum/acamprosate ans-disulfiram
7. Congenital cataract - CRYAA gene
8. time dependent and post antibiotic effect - clindamycin (repeat)
9. turkish saddle/sella turcica - pituitary
10. pic of bullous pemphigoid
11. Wrong about GIST? MC mesenchymal tumor of intestine, from cajal cells, prognosis depends on size, ALK mutation ans - alk mutation in neuroblastoma, RCC
12. fatal dose of arsenic is 100-200mg
13. abatecept is used in rheumatoid arthritis
14. schwannoma - antoni a and b bodies seen
15. cri du chat - chromosome 5
16. lithium toxicity occurs at >2?
17. false about NSAIDS: decreases effectiveness of antihypertensives/used in neuropathic
18. /causes renal failure/can be used topically - ans - used in neuropathic pain?
19. long term followup of intraocular foreign body is with ERG
20. Not used in hyperkalemia - beta antagonist
21. Child with k/c/o bronchial asthma comes with resp distress rate 48/min cant speak 2 words,occasionsl wheeze.Saturation 95%you give 3 doses of salbutamol nebulisation then he started to speak a sentence but saturation falls to 85% A.VP mismatch B.R to left shunt C.Due to salbutamol D.Faulty pulse oxymeter ans - VP mismatch
22. arteritis not seen in adults - kawasaki
23. question on gout arthritis (repeat)
24. apoptosis caused by glucocorticoids (repeat)
25. exploratory burr hole technique - opposite to side of dilated pupil/ left temporal ans - if no localizing signs, hole in left temporal(dominant lobe)
26. life style choice to increase fertility are all except? decrease weight/increase weight/decrease exercise/veg food ans -
27. drug not causing edema - nsaid,digoxin,estrogen and cyclosporin? ans - cyclosporine?
28. child with chronic cough h/o TEF correction. h/o cough from day of surgery. tracheomalacia/subglottic stenosis/asthma ans - tracheomalacia (Arun Babu)
29. 7 month child vomiting after fruit juice feeds. enzyme defn to be evaluated? aldolase/hepatic kinase?
30. major risk of disk battery stuck in nose? local toxicity/tetanus
31. Not true about malignant otitis externa - granulation tissue in superior wall/ MC presents as severe deafness/ - ans
32. Not true about rhegmatogenous retinal detachment - can extend upto ora serrata/ surgery is the primary treatment/pull of vitreous (?)
33. asbestos exposure, mass in upper lobe - mass with long villi (repeat)
34. t3 laryngeal CA treatment - concurrent chemoradiation (repeat)
35. pellagra like dermatitis, AR - hartnup disease
36. picture of thyroid nodule 2x2 cm - biopsy - papillary/follicular
37. FNAC cannot distinguish btwn follicular carcinoma
38. picture of kidney biopsy after death of a patient with ureteric obstruction - pyelonephritis with hydronephrosis/ADPKD/cystic dysplasia
39. child with respiratory distress at birth. displacement of trachea, - congenital lobar emphysema/TTN/pneumonia ans -cong lobar emphysema (Arun babu)
40. fungal keratomycosis treatment -silver sulphadiazine/ Linezolid/Vancomycin/Doxycycline silver sulfadiazine?
41. girl visits a village, meningitis and death in 5 days. organism - naeglaria fowleri
42. Calibre - distance between two lands of a rifle
43. receptors for noxious stimulin in intestine/spleen/liver/mesentery - ans - mesentery
44. all are given in abnormal uterine bleeding in 13 year old except - E+P, P, tranaexamic acid, mefenemic acid - ans - mefenemic acid (mostly anovulatory)
45. Panniculus adiposus is seen in eye lid/orbit/penis/scrotum - ans - orbit
46. glass piece injury in forefinger - first investigation - plain radiograph
47. 1st line in management of female child abuse with severe bleeding from perineum - blood transfusion/airway - ans - airway (Arun Babu)
48. Not a vaccine derived polio virus - aVDPV, cVDPV, mVDPV, iVDPV ans - mVDPV
49. Intake of excess calcium causes - milk alkali syndrome/osteoporosis/osteomalacia - milk alkali syndrome
50. newborn has not passed meconium for 48 hours , investigation of choice - lower gi contrast study
51. most dangerous finding in 10 day old neonate - increased unconjugated bilirubin ..its conjugated bilirubin
52. child with white stools, icterus in eyes. next best investigation - USG/ CT abdomen/liver function tests - ans - USG?
53. PTSD treatment of choice - CBT?
54. Wrong about paclitaxel - stablizes spindle/most important toxicity is bone marrow suppression/
55. subretinal demarcation lines( high water marks ) is seen in - acute retinal detachment/chronic retinal detachment ans - chronic rhegmatogenous RD
56. wrong about rituximab - anti CD20/dose independent kinetics/infusion reactions
57. ideal time for elective caesarian section - 37/38/39.40 weeks. Ans - 39 weeks. (Acog)
58. 16/f with nodulocystic acne - treatment of choice - isotretinin/acetretinin
59. sunray appearance in osteosarcoma is because of periosteal reaction?
60. most efficient anti larval measure in urban areas - clean drainage/close overhead tanks/cover pits
61. rough estimate of infant population in a village - follifer tablets consumed in the past one year?
62. picture of acne rosacea
63. picture of taenia versicolor, next step - KOH smear
64. Head injury with CSF rhinorrhea - conservative managemnt for 4-5 days?
65. MC method of parasuicide - drug/slit wrist
66. technique to visualize biomolecule - xray crystallography?
67. every 10th person is selected from a population - systemic random sampling
68. muscle pain after day care surgery with propofol and Sch - Sch
69. features of colles fracture are all except - volar tilt/distal displacement/radial displacment/supination
70. normal height with absent pubertal features - Pure gonadal dysgenesiis/Kallman/testicular feminisng syndrome/turner ans - Kallman
71. not seen in fungal corneal ulcer - photophobia more than signs
72. 3rd generation cephalosporin with anti MRSA - ceftriaxone/aztreonam/cefazolin/ceftabiprole
73. marker for diagnoising acute hepatitis B - IgM antiHbC
74. nurse with HbSAg and HbEAg - acute infectious hepatiis
75. breathing circuit of choice for spontaneous ventilation - Mapleson A
76. component of normal ageing is all except - dementia/pseudodementia/amnestic syndrome/delerium
77. not included in mental health act 1982? minimum mental health care for all 2)human rights of mentally ill 3)application of mental health knowledge in health care. 4) provision of mental health services to all
78. dexmedetomidine - centrally acting alpha 2 agonist
79. esi act correct?⅛ state (repeat) (repeat)
80. TOC for tension pneumothorax - needle in second intercostal space (repeat)
81. all are true about sphincter urthrae except -
82. 12 year girl , child abuse, fracture pelvis, bleeding, treatment? 1)blood transfusion, 2) airway,
83. sickle cell anaemia (repeat)- single nucleotide mutation
84. g+ bacilli causing meningitis in new born-listeria?
85. intusseception-red colored stools 6 month baby
86. pre malignant except? peutz jagger, ulcerative colitis, crohns, barrets esophagus.
87. 70 year male , routinely doing gauic test, fresh bleeding ,toilet bowl fullfatigue, pallor, diagnosis? hemrroids, early colon ca, diverticulitis
88. rt illiac fossa mass and aching pian anaemia in 50 year old male- t.b?appendicular mass,ca
89. middle age female with lytic bone lesions , fracture clavicle , periosteal resorption of 2 nd 3 metatarsals? renal osteo dystrophy, ostomalasia, hyper parathyroidism, hyperthyroidism
90. pronation of foot angles parallel?
91. drug not given in hep B? zydovudine, entacavir, lamivudine, telbivudine ans - zidovudine
92. Elective caesiarian -(?)38 weeks
93. Le Veen shunt . ascitis, SVC renal pelvis, ans - SVC
94. EDD 5% @40 weeks, 3 weeks SD, 60%, 80%.
95. facial colliculus deeper? abducent nerve?
96. Self tonometry -Rebound/Perkin/Diaton ans rebound tonometry
97. Brechner and Bethune associated with -Et CO2 Precordial dopler, Trans oesophageal echo cardiography,Plethysmography Probable answer Et CO2
98. Concentration and Attention? parietal, frontal, thalamus ans - frontal lobe
99. Tuberous Sclerosis all are seen except -Ependymoma/ white matter lesions/ giant cell astrocytoma/ sub ependymal nodules ans - ependymoma/white matter lesions?
100. membrana tectoria is a continuation of anterior longitudinal ligament\anterior ans - posterior longt ligament
101. Child with “no pneumiona” (repeat)
102. False about obstructive sleep apnea. it affects more women/ a/w hypertension/ day time sleepiness/ >5 episodes/hour ans - it affects more women than men
103. significance of mucoid strain pseudomonas aeroginosa - produces biofilms?
104. 90% association with HLAB27 is seen with ans - Ankylosing spon
105. Not an abdominal method of tubal ligation - pomeroy/parkland/essure/irving ans - essure
106. Person suffers seizure on waiting for train. Has band showing him to be epileptic and the meds he takes. Meds are in his pocket. So what should you do? 1. Take person away from train make sure he does not fall meanwhile call for medical help and transfer to hospital 2. Take person away from train stuff handkerchief in his mouth hold his hands and feet till seizure subsides then tranfer to hospital 3. Take person away from train make him lie down hold his leg up give the meds and water then transfer to hospital 4. Take person away from train give meds and water then transfer to hospital ans - 4.
107. triad of angina, syncope and … ans - aortic stenosis
108. all are matched correctly except - tachypnea - acidosis
109. painless loss of vision with raised iop (60) - glaucomatocyclitic crisis
110. discharge from umbilicus while crying - urachal fistula
111. microbe with ET, EH, EP strains - E.Coli
112. Steroids contraindicated in antrochoanal polyp (repeat)
113. all are true except - ans - desmin marker for sarcoma
114. severe MS on auscultation - all are true except loud S1/S3/ opening snap- ans - S3?
115. timing for repair of cleft palate - 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 15-22 months
116. bone dysplasia - fault in development
117. microvesicular fatty liver in reye’s syndrome is due to defect in beta oxidation
118. 40/M presents with primary infertility and absent vas deferens. ans - CFTR mutation
119. all are complications of post adenoidectomy except - hyponasal voice/Grisel syndrome/velopharyngeal insufficiency/retropharyngeal absess
120. not a long term side effect of PPI? hypothyroidism/osteoporosis/pneumonia/c.difficile infection ans - hypothyroidism?
121. treatment of advance prostate ca - goserlin (repeat)
122. MALT is located MC in stomach/ileum?
123. chairman of district blindness society -district collector/district programme manager/district medical health officer/opthalmic surgeon district collector
124. laser trabeculectomy is used for chronic angle closure/chronic open angle ans - chronic open angle glaucoma
125. sleep spindles and Kcomplexes in stage 2 NREM (repeat)
126. similar to albumin in molecular weight MW 30000 and can cause less reactions but should be cautious - dextran/HES/polygeline/polyphloridone Ans Poly geline
(Page 645 of new Tripathi Book)
127. Penicillin G is given for rat bite fever (repeat)
128. grey white mass in central bronchus with distal bronchiectasis/pneumonia ans - histopath of carcinoid
129. not used in dilated pupils - gonioscopy (repeat)
130. APLA syndrome patient routine treatment to prevent abortion ans- LMWH + aspirin
131. afro american with c/f of sickle cell - single nucleotide mutation
132. investigation of choice for child with appendicitis - USG?
133. Measuring variation between different units- variance, coeeficient of variation, standard error of mean. Standard deviation. Measuring variation between different units- variance, coeeficient of variation, standard error of mean. Standard deviation. Measuring variation between different units- variance, coeeficient of variation, standard error of mean. Standard deviation. ?
134. death from post influenza pneumonia. most common cause? CMV/Staph aureus
135. reason for H5N1 influenza not becoming a pandemic - man to man transmission is rare
136. mechanism to measure single ion channel - iontophoresis/patch clamp technique ans - patch clamp technique
137. category B drug in pregnancy - brimonidine/latanoprost/pilocarpine/dorzolamide ans -brimonidine
138. 3 days after taking haloperidol, schizophrenic patient with rolling up of eyes - acute dystonia
139. augmentation of labour , all are true except - oxitocin is contraindicated in twins/ methods of augmentation does not increase the risk of operational managment - ans - methods of augmentation does not increase the risk of operational management
140. all pass through foramen ovale in picture except - maxillary nerve
141. school closing in influenza epidemics. which is not recommended?
142. all are made of dense regular collagen except? tendon/ligament/periosteum/aponeurosis ans - periosteum?
143. elevated lactate in traumatic brain injury. all are true except? uptake of lactate from circulation/increased lactate a/w bad prognosis/
144. nephrotic syndrome patient after diarrhea presented with acute kidney injury with creatine 4.5. all are possible reasons except? renal vein thrombosis/diarrhoea water depletion/frusemide water depletion/steroid induced diabetes ans - steroid induced diabetes?
145. counter current mechanism is seen in all except - thin desending loop, thick ascending loop, collecting duct, vasa recta ans - thick ascending loop
146. all are true about sphincter urethrae except? located at bladder neck, pudendal nerve supplies it, voluntary, origin from ischiopubic rami ans - located at bladder neck
147. all are used in epigenetic studies except - hplc, bisulphite sequencing, Chlp-chip and chip-seq ans - hplc
148. non typable h. influenza can cause all except - meningitis, otitis media, puerperal infection ans - meningitis
149. true about viral antibodies? formed before intererons, formed against nuclear sequences…
150. stimulated in knee jerk reflex? static bag and chain muscle spindle, golgi tendon, golgi tendon and muscle spindle, dynamic intrafusal fibres
151. all are true about dengue hemorrhagic fever except? malnutrion is protective/lamivudine is drug of choice ans - lamivudine is drug of choice
152. true about idiopathic non specific pulm fibrosis good prognosis/honey comb lung/male predominance/elderly- ans - good prognosis
153. TOC for C. difficile - oral vancomycine (repeat)
154. commonly seen mutation in cancers? methylation of tumor suppressor genes/ demethylation of tumor oncogenes ans - methylation of tumor supporessor genes
155. Under ICDS, pregnant women are given - 300kcal + 15gm protein (MH repeat)
156. exercise in study of correlation between smoking and heart disease - confounder?
157. investigation of choice in acute head trauma - NCCT
158. Chandler’s index. all are true except? can be used for monitoring treatment?
159. benign tumor breast histo - tightly bound with dycohesive nuclei(repeat)
160. normal value in EOG - >180% (>1.8)
161. followup of vision in intraocular metallic foreign body - EOG/ERG/Arden index
162. Not true about autism - ⅔ are mentally retarded/poor eye contact/ language developement delay/dermatoglyphic abn ans - dermatoglyphic abn?
163. anesthetic for day care surgery - propofol (repeat)
164. MC site of osteoporosis in hemiplegic patient after one year? humerus/ proximal femur/radius/lumbar verterbrae
165. raised htn bradycardia - cushing’s triad
166. which of the following is true about meniere’s disease ? surgery is the treatment of choice/ some manoever
167. guiac test negative, fresh blood in stools - dilated veins in colon
168. all are tertiary amines except atropine/glycopyrrolate ans - glycopyrrolate
169. brethcer and bethune research a/w EtCO2 device
170. all are carried by dorsal column except pain (repeat)
171. NPCB outcome indicator? decreas in prevalence of blindness/ no. of people with improved vision following surgery
172. all are components of collagen except glycine/lysine/proline/desmosine ans - desmosine
173. all of the following can be used for embolizing mass in thigh except? absolute alcohol/polyvinyl alcohol /gelfoam hemostasis
174. all are absolute contraindications to corneal transplant except? death from rabies/ tb meningitis/ unknown cause of death ans - tb meningits?
175. RNTCP diagnosis is based on sputum microscopy
176. lucent defect in tibia lined with sclerotic bone - fibrous cortical defect
177. Not a method to increase ventialtion in patient on ventilator? make him prone/ increase PEEP
178. rheumatic fever is not associated with pulmonary stenosis (repeat)
179. women pulled hand of child - pulled elbow
180. Inability to carry out any activity without discomfort- NYHA grade 4
181. type of hypersensitivity in transfusion reaction following penicllin adminsitration - type 2?
182. true about inertialization is all except? use cement/ increased water contamination/ for drugs/ ans - increased water contamination?
183. Not a type of lichen planus - lichen scrofulasium
184. homicide case ,doctor should inform police crpc 39
185. definition of population attributable risk
186. not a marker of heart failure? crp/sirtuin/bnp/troponin
187. most effective drug in severe falciparum malaria - quinine/cholorquine/artesunate ans - quinine?
188. discharge pv / chlamydia? presentation. most sensitive test for diagnosing? nucleic acid amplification test/ gram stain ans - NAAT?
189. all are true about patient perceiving different size images except? because of unequal convex lens/ because of use of cylindrical lens/ called anisekonia
190. MCC corneal edema in hypoxia? co2, lactate, pyruvate ans -?
191. gold standard for diagnosis of bronchiectasis? HRCT chest
192. cataract surgery rate. its a rate/ target is 3000/1 million
193. screening test is used for all except endometrial sampling for endometrial CA (repeat)
194. MHC 1 and MHC 2 for antigen presentation (repeat)
195. all are true about entamoeba histolytica except stool trophozoites are essential for diagnosis, cause disease in brain, liver ans - stool trophozoites are essential ?
196. Bilious vomiting in child. Investigation of choice - USG/CT/
197. MCC vocal cord palsy in adults - surgical trauma
198. brief high frequency stimulation of hippocampus with 5Hz produces? long term potentiation, post tetanic potentiation, depressions. ans - long term potentiation

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